Pub quiz questions

  1. Who directed and starred in 1985's Pale Rider?
    Clint Eastwood

  2. Which British author did Ayatollah Khomeini sentence to death?
    Salman Rushdie
    14 February 1989

  3. Which rock star has been chairman of Watford Football Club?
    Elton John
    1976-1987, 1997-2000

  4. Which actor plays the role of Nasty Nick Cotton in Eastenders?
    John Altman
    1985–93, 1998, 2000–01, 2008–09

  5. From which 1980s musical are "I know him so well" and "One night in Bangkok" from?
    Premiered in 1986 in London

  6. Company/Product
    Barclay's Cashplan

  7. Character/Show
    Prisoner: Cell Block H, Joan Ferguson
    Not Vera Bennett (though they can look alike). 1979-1986

  8. Company/product
    Hamlet Cigars

  9. Company/Product
    Smith's Crispy Tubes

  10. Show