Pub quiz questions

  1. Which congenitally bald Brit won Olympic gold and bronze at the 1980 Olympics?
    Duncan Goodhew

  2. Who played Stephen Biko in the 1987 film Cry Freedom?
    Denzil Washington

  3. What is the first name of killer Rosemary West's husband?
    1990s(1) 1980s(1) 1970s(1) Crime(1)
    Convicted 1995, murders happened 1971-1987.

  4. Character/Show
    Mighty Mouse, Mighty Mouse

  5. Show/Character
    ALF, ALF

  6. Show

  7. With which late seventies/early eighties band did Greg Ham, who died in 2012, play the saxophone, flute, organ, piano and synthesizer?
    Men at Work

  8. Show/Character
    Bananaman, Bananaman

  9. Who was the next Chancellor of the Exchequer after James Callaghan to become Prime Minister?
    John Major
    Politics(8) 1990s(7) 1980s(7)
    Chancellor 1989-1990, Prime Minister 1990-1997

  10. On 29 March 1986, The Young Ones had a UK one hit wonder with which single?
    "Living Doll"
    Actors from The Young Ones TV series teamed up with Cliff Richard for a spoof version of his 1959 hit. It was the comedy team's only hit, but member Nigel Planer did have a solo hit in 1984 as character 'neil'.