Pub quiz questions

  1. The heaviest recorded hailstones weighed in at how much per stone?
    Science(8) 1980s(8)
    April, 14th 1986 in Gopalganj district, Bangladesh

  2. Company/product
    Hamlet Cigars

  3. On 31 May 1980, MASH had a UK one hit wonder with which single?
    "Suicide Is Painless"
    Theme tune to the film MASH. Sung by actor Ken Prymus, but released under the name MASH.

  4. Whose 1988 women's 100m world record still stood in 2006?
    Florence Griffith Joyner's

  5. Show
    The Littlest Hobo
    1963-1965, 1979-1985

  6. What nickname was attached to murderer Peter Sutcliffe?
    The Yorkshire Ripper
    1980s(3) 1970s(3) Crime(3)
    Convicted 1981, murders happened 1975-1980.

  7. What country left the European Union following an 1985 referendum?

  8. Which movie cleverly introduced a car with 'Good Year' (two words) tyres when Goodyear is actually one word?
    Back to the Future

  9. Company/Product
    Maynard's wine gums

  10. What was the first British footballer to be transferred for ₤2M?
    Paul Gascoigne
    To Tottenham Hotspurs from Newcastle on 18th July 1988