Pub quiz questions

  1. Who won the 1985 World Snooker Championship watched by a record after-midnight audience for any TV channel in Britain?
    Dennis Taylor

  2. Name the US president
    Jimmy Carter
    Politics(7) 1970s(7) 1980s(7)

  3. Which two Middle Eastern countries fought each other in a war that began in 1980?
    Iran and Iraq

  4. Who did a judge ask about with the words "Is he in need of cold, unloving, rubber-insulated sex in a seedy hotel room?"
    Jeffrey Archer
    Mr Justice Caulfield, 1987

  5. The heaviest recorded hailstones weighed in at how much per stone?
    Science(8) 1980s(8)
    April, 14th 1986 in Gopalganj district, Bangladesh

  6. Show
    Button Moon

  7. What was the name of the train robber who was the main subject of the film Buster, starring Phil Collins?
    Ronald Edwards
    Train robbery in 1963, film in 1988

  8. Show
    The Golden Girls

  9. In which two films did Tom Cruise play a character called Vincent?
    Collateral & The Colour of Money
    Released 2004 and 1986 respectively

  10. Who was the female star in the films "Top Gun" and "Witness?"
    Kelly McGillis