Pub quiz questions

  1. What's the movie if Redfoot flicks his cigarette into the face of McManus?
    The Usual Suspects

  2. Who starred as Rusty Sabich in the 1990 film Presumed Innocent?
    Harrison Ford

  3. Where were the 1996 summer Olympic games held?
    Atlanta, US

  4. Character/Show
    Count Duckula, Igor

  5. Which Spanish golfer captained the 1997 European Ryder Cup team?
    Seve(riano) Ballesteros
    Sports(6) Golf(6) 1990s(6)

  6. In the 90s, which London Club had the 'Famous Five' strike force?

  7. 'Fresh Horses' was a 1995 album release by which US country music star?
    Garth Brooks

  8. In Coronation Street, what animals did Jack Duckworth famously keep in his back yard?
    1979, 1981–2010

  9. What cartoon series displayed a counter to show it used the word 'shit' 162 times in one episode?
    South Park

  10. What movie sees five men agreeing to commit a crime together as revenge after being rounded up to stand in a New York police line-up?
    The Usual Suspects