Pub quiz questions

  1. Who was the first African American mayor of New York City?
    David Dinkins
    January 1, 1990 – December 31, 1993

  2. Which Four Weddings and a Funeral actress starred in the 1995 film Unstrung Heroes?
    Andie MacDowell
    Four Weddings: 1994

  3. Which TV series fooled Tory MP David Amess into filming a video and asking a question in Parliament about the dangers of a fictitious drug called 'cake?'
    Brass Eye

  4. Who directed the film 'Sweet and Lowdown,' starring Sean Penn?
    Woody Allen

  5. Clarice Starling
    Jodie Foster

  6. Which 1995 film starred Tim Daly as a perfume developer and Sean young as his female alter-ego?
    Dr Jekyll and Ms Hyde

  7. What is Eurydice Colette Clytemnestra Dido Bathsheba Rabelais Patricia Cocteau Stone always called on 'Ab Fab?'

  8. What TV spoof documentary series claimed that UK now stands for Unbelievable Krimewave?
    Brass Eye

  9. Who was the subject of the biopic "What's Love got to do with it?"
    Tina Turner

  10. Who wrote the Morse detective books?
    Colin Dexter
    13 novels plus some short stories published 1975-1999