Pub quiz questions

  1. Film
    Team America: World Police

  2. How many months were participating countries given to change over from their own currency to the euro in 2002?
    Two months

  3. Who partnered Tony Blair in a charity tennis match in May 2002?
    Pat Cash

  4. What shook building in Yorkshire and the West Midlands on 23rd September 2002?
    An earthquake
    History(2) 2000s(2)

  5. What form of communication doubled in the UK between March 2002 and March 2003?

  6. Terl in Battlefield Earth
    John Travolta

  7. What name was adopted in 2005 by Joseph Alois Ratzinger when he became the first German Pope since Adrian VI in 1523?
    Pope Benedict XVI

  8. What 'South Park' character has been killed the most times?
    Kenny McCormick

  9. Which TV talent show contest's first two winners were Steve Brookstein and Shayne Ward?
    The X Factor
    Steve Brookstein in 2004, Shayne Ward in 2005

  10. Which comedian and author is the director of the film Maybe Baby?
    Ben Elton