Pub quiz questions

  1. What ocean suffered the 2004 earthquake which triggered a tsunami which killed more than 250,000 people?
    Indian Ocean

  2. Who was branded the World's most prolific, living serial killer before he killed himself in 2004?
    Harold Shipman
    2000s(3) 1990s(3) Crime(3)
    Convicted 2000 for murders between 1995-1998. Died 2004

  3. Which footballer is was supposedly married to model Noémie Lenoir?
    Claude Makélelé

  4. Which multiple murder was refused permission to publish his autobiography "The History of a Drowning Boy?"
    Dennis Nielsen
    Murders from robberies in 1974, final victim 1975. Convicted 1976. Permission denied 2003. Died 2011

  5. What name was given to the hanging bits of paper which confused American vite counters in 2000?

  6. What, along with the Daily Telegraph, was one of Britain's only two remaining national broadsheet dailies at the start of 2006?
    The Financial Times
    Media(4) 2000s(4)

  7. Which all-girl group visited the 2000 Cannes Film Festival to promote their film 'Honest?'
    All Saints

  8. How much did Arsenal pay for Robert Pirès to move from Marseille to Highbury?

  9. Show/Character
    Bullseye, Bully

  10. For what cause did celebrities such as Chris Moyles, Ronan Keating and Cheryl Cole climb Mount Kilamanjaro?
    Comic Relief