Pub quiz questions

  1. Who lit the flame at the 2000 Sydney Olympics?
    Cathy Freeman

  2. 'Chinese Democracy' was the long awaited album released in 2008 by which rock band?

  3. Who plays Prince Charming in the film Shrek?
    Rupert Everett
    Shrek 2 2004, Shrek 3 2007

  4. What 'Ab Fab' character does Patsy refer to as 'The bitch troll from hell?'

  5. What replaced the Royal Ulster Constabulary in 2001?
    The Police Service of Northern Island
    Politics(4) 2000s(4) Crime(4)

  6. Mr Men
    Mr Cool

  7. What is the first name of Fidel Castro's Younger brother who became President of Cuba's Council of State during Castro's 2006 Illness?

  8. M
    Judi Dench
    Bond films 1995-

  9. What garments gave Bill Clinton's cat its name?
    Politics(3) 2000s(3) 1990s(3)
    White House 1991 through 2001 (Clintons left) to 2009

  10. Show/Character/Actor
    Poirot, Hercule Poirot, David Suchet