Pub quiz questions

  1. What was George VI's nickname amongst members of his family?
    Royalty(8) Names(8)

  2. What is the common name for the Boeing 747?
    Jumbo Jet

  3. Which star of 'Pirates of the Caribbean - the Black Pearl' is blamed for her first name shooting into the UK top 40 for girls born in 2005?
    Kiera Knightley

  4. What was John F Kennedy called by his friends?
    Politics(2) Names(2) 1960s(2)
    President 1961-1963

  5. What is Sean Connery's real first name?

  6. Which barefoot sixties singer was born Sandra Goodrich?
    Sandy Shaw

  7. Which TV soap's characters are said to have resulted in Alfie, Aleesha and Demi rising and falling in the UK's favourite names for babies chart?

  8. What is 50 Cent's real name?
    Curtis Jackson

  9. What was the surname of Susan, the woman James Murray Spangler gave one of his newly invented vacuum cleaners to, and who's husband bought the patent?
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  10. Which American astronomer gave his name to a telescope launched into space in 1990?
    Edwin Hubble