Pub quiz questions

  1. Which UK Prime Minister was nicknamed Sunny Jim?
    James Callaghan

  2. What is Miss Piggy's surname?

  3. What Junior Wimbledon winner was calling herself Solitaire when she won ITV's Celebrity Wrestling?
    Annabel Croft

  4. What was the official name for what was called the Poll Tax?
    Community Charge
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  5. Which Tim became Britain's most expensive goalkeeper in 1993?
    Tim Flowers

  6. What was the only new entry in the 2005 list of favourite boys names, probably thanks to Tony and Cherie Blair?
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  7. What name is attached to the English workers who sabotaged machines as part of their protest against the Industrial Revolution?

  8. What surname did T.E. Lawrence (of Arabia) use for anonymity when he joined the Royal Tank Corps?
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    T.E. stands for Thomas Edward

  9. Which two south-coast resorts include the name Regis?
    Bognor, Lyme

  10. Which New York City building is named after something you could smooth your clothes with?
    The Flatiron Building