Pub quiz questions

  1. How is Sofia Scicolone better known?
    Sophia Loren

  2. What two word title did Denis Thatcher almost always refer to Maggie by when communicating with the press?
    The Boss

  3. Which New York City building is named after something you could smooth your clothes with?
    The Flatiron Building

  4. How is Charles Holley better known?
    Buddy Holly

  5. What title is Arthur Wellesley better known by?
    The Duke of Wellington
    History(5) Names(5)

  6. What was George VI's nickname amongst members of his family?
    Royalty(8) Names(8)

  7. What is the surname of the man who invented the Big Wheel fairground ride?
    (George Washington Gale) Ferris(, Jr)
    Names(2) Leisure(2)

  8. What is Sean Connery's real first name?

  9. What was the nickname of the American frontierswoman born Martha jane Canary?
    Calamity Jane
    People(6) Names(6)

  10. What is the nickname of Sarah Margaret Mountbatten-Windsor?
    Royalty(2) Names(2)