Pub quiz questions

  1. What surname did T.E. Lawrence (of Arabia) use for anonymity when he joined the Royal Tank Corps?
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    T.E. stands for Thomas Edward

  2. What were the first names of the poet T.S.Eliot?
    Thomas Stearns

  3. Which barefoot sixties singer was born Sandra Goodrich?
    Sandy Shaw

  4. How is Glasgow-born pop-star James Ure better known?
    Midge Ure

  5. What was the former name of Sri Lanka?
    Changed in 1972

  6. Who was the first Pope with two names, and the first the use 'The First' as part of his title?
    Pope John Paul I

  7. John Gielgud, on first hearing who's name said, "It's an interesting name: it sounds like a fart in the bath."
    Edward Woodward

  8. What is pop star Darius' surname?
    Professionally: Danesh. Born Campbell/Campbell-Danesh
    Attained fame2000

  9. What was Gregory Peck's first name?

  10. In the music industry, who is Calvin Broadus commonly known as?
    Snoop Dogg