Pub quiz questions

  1. Which indoor game is also called ping-pong?
    Table Tennis
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  2. Which island is also known as 'The Rock?'

  3. Who were Fleegle, Bingo, Drooper and Snorky?
    The Banana Splits

  4. Who was the first Pope with two names, and the first the use 'The First' as part of his title?
    Pope John Paul I

  5. What is the better known name of the rapper also known as Slim Shady?

  6. By what name was Christopher Wallace better known?
    Notorious B.I.G.
    Also known as Biggie Smalls and Big Poppa.Shot dead 9 Mar 1997

  7. What was George VI's nickname amongst members of his family?
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  8. What do W.G.Grace's first two initials stand for?
    William Gilbert

  9. What does IRA stand for when referring to the organisation Gerry Adams claims he never belonged to?
    Irish Republican Army

  10. In the music industry, who is Calvin Broadus commonly known as?
    Snoop Dogg