Pub quiz questions

  1. how many pockets has a championship snooker table

  2. What is the name of the arena in Sheffield where the World Professional Snooker Championships are held annually?
    The Cruicible

  3. Which snooker player was world champion in 1985?
    Dennis Taylor
    Sports(6) 1980s(6) Snooker(5)

  4. Who first sponsored the World Snooker Championship in 1976?

  5. Who became World Professional Snooker Champion for the first time in 2006?
    Graeme Dott

  6. What colour ball sits at the top of the triangle of reds at the start of a snooker match?

  7. What is the highest possible snooker break in normal play without the advantage of a foul?

  8. Who beat Stephen Hendry to win the snooker world championship in 1997?
    Ken Doherty
    Sports(6) Snooker(6) 1990s(6)

  9. Which World Snooker Champion wrote a book entitled "How to be Really Interesting?"
    Steve Davies

  10. Whose 1997 World Championship win made him the only person to have won snooker's top honour at junior, amateur and professional levels?
    Ken Doherty's