Pub quiz questions

  1. List the names given to the base units for the International System of Units (SI) from which all other units are derived?
    metre for length, kilogram for mass, second for time, ampere for electric current, kelvin for temperature, candela for luminous intensity, and mole for the amount of substance

  2. What name is given to the negative electrode of an electrolytic cell?

  3. What name was give to the magnetic radiation belts around the Earth discovered by the first US satellite?
    Van Allen Belts

  4. Which European country produces more hydroelectricity per head of population than any other in the world?

  5. Which 16th/17th century Italian with the initials GG make improvements to the telescope and is known as the father of modern astronomy?
    Galileo Galilei

  6. Which American astronomer gave his name to a telescope launched into space in 1990?
    Edwin Hubble

  7. What simple telescope magnifies the view of distant objects through lenses mounted in a tube and viewed directly through the eyepiece?
    Refracting telescope

  8. With which physicist is the formula E=MC² associated?
    Albert Einstein

  9. What astronomical aid takes its name from the Greek words for 'far seeing?'

  10. What does the M represent in E=MC²?