Pub quiz questions

  1. What name is given to an earthed metal rod placed at the top of a tall building?
    Lightning conductor

  2. With which physicist is the formula E=MC² associated?
    Albert Einstein

  3. Which 16th/17th century Italian with the initials GG make improvements to the telescope and is known as the father of modern astronomy?
    Galileo Galilei

  4. What does the M represent in E=MC²?

  5. What simple telescope magnifies the view of distant objects through lenses mounted in a tube and viewed directly through the eyepiece?
    Refracting telescope

  6. What name is given to the negative electrode of an electrolytic cell?

  7. An okta is a unit of measurement of what?
    Cloud cover

  8. Which basic elementary particles were named after a line in the book 'Finnegans Wake?'
    From the line 'Three Quarks for Muster Mark'

  9. What are the sub-atomic particles that carry a positive charge?

  10. What are the sub-atomic particles that carry a negative charge?