Pub quiz questions

  1. Who plays Harold Steptoe in the classic comedy series Steptoe and Son?
    Harry H Corbett

  2. Who played Jerzy Balowski, the landlord, in the eighties sitcom The Young Ones?
    Alexi Sayle
    9 November 1982 – 19 June 1984

  3. Film
    The Mask

  4. Film
    Ace Ventura, Pet Dectective

  5. Film
    Wayne's World

  6. Which comedy series written by Jimmy Perry and David Croft was set in Walmington-on-Sea?
    Dad's Army
    31 July 1968 – 13 November 1977

  7. Who were the original team captains on the series "Shooting Star?"
    Mark Lemarr and Ulrika Jonsson
    1995-1997(Lamarr) and 2011(Jonsson). Jonathan Ross and Danny Baker were the captains in the 1993 pilot.

  8. "The Likely Lads" broadcast its last episode in 1966. When did "Whatever happened to the Likely Lads start?"

  9. Film
    Beverley Hills Cop

  10. What is the name of the actor who plays "Smithy" in BBC's Gavin and Stacey?
    James Corden