Pub quiz questions

  1. W.G.Grace captained England professionally in which two sports
    Cricket and lawn bowls

  2. On which cities were atomic bombs dropped near the end of WWII in 1945
    Hiroshima and Nagasaki

  3. Who co-ruled England between February 1689–1694
    Mary II and William III (William of Orange)

  4. List the members of Bananarama since 1992
    Keren Woodward (1979–present), Sara Dallin (1979–present)

  5. In which two Euopean countries is caraway often used to flavour bread and pastries?
    Austria and Germany

  6. Which two countries co-hosted the 2008 UEFA European Championships?
    Switzerland and Austria

  7. What are the only 2 fences at the Grand National that are not jumped twice?
    The Chair and The Water Jump

  8. Which countries border (mainland) Netherlands?
    Belgium, and Germany

  9. Who were the original team captains on the series "Shooting Star?"
    Mark Lemarr and Ulrika Jonsson
    1995-1997(Lamarr) and 2011(Jonsson). Jonathan Ross and Danny Baker were the captains in the 1993 pilot.

  10. What are the (2) provinces of the Church of England?
    Canterbury and York