Pub quiz questions

  1. Character/Show
    Michael Knight, Knight Rider

  2. In Dr Who, which actor portrayed his ninth incarnation in the original series?
    Christopher Eccleston

  3. While with Ian and Barbera, and shortly after leaving Susan, who was Dr Who's next companion?
    Vicki (Pallister)
    This was the first incarnation of the Doctor.

  4. In Star Wars what was the name of Han Solo's spacecraft?
    Millennium Falcon

  5. Show
    Mork and Mindy

  6. Film

  7. Ignoring Susan, who were the first two companions of Dr Who shown on screen?
    Ian (Chesterton) and Barbara (Wright)
    They were two of Susan's teachers from the school.

  8. In "Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death", who played the ninth incarnation of the Doctor?
    Rowan Atkinson

  9. How many actors have played the part of the first incarnation of Dr Who on screen?
    William Hartnell (first series), Richard Hurndall (20th Anniversary episode "The five doctors")

  10. Why was the Star Trek show cancelled after its initial run of only three seasons in 1969?
    Low ratings/commercial flop.