Pub quiz questions

  1. In the Twelve days of Christmas song, what was given on the sixth day?
    Six geese-a-laying
    Representing the six days of creation

  2. Which Queen epic topped the charts at Christmas 1975 and again at Christmas 1991?
    Bohemian Rhapsody

  3. In the Twelve days of Christmas song, what was given on the eighth day?
    Eight maids a milking
    Representing the eight beatitudes

  4. What does Norway provide for Trafalgar Square every Christmas
    A Christmas Tree

  5. What did Addis create the first artificial example of in the 1930s using the same machine they used to manufacture toilet brushes?
    Christmas tree

  6. Who designed the first ever Christmas Card?
    John Callcott Horsley

  7. Home Improvement star Tim Allen played a toy salesman in which 1994 Christmas Movie?
    The Santa Clause

  8. In the Twelve days of Christmas song, three fench hens were given, representing the three theological virtues. What are they?
    Faith, hope and love

  9. Whose government was dubbed the 'mince pie administration?'
    Pitt the Younger
    19 Dec 1783, so called because they didn't think it would be over by Christmas

  10. List the names of the (original) Christmas Reindeer.
    Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner (or Donder or Dunder,) Blitzen (or Bliksem or Blixem)
    Rudolf was not one of them.