Pub quiz questions

  1. What is the main ingredient in a Molotov Cocktail?
    Petrol (or any other flammable liquid; methanol, turpentine, E85 etc.)

  2. Which Ancient symbol was adopted by the Nazis in Germany as their emblem?

  3. What organisation kidnapped Terry Waite?
    Islamic Jihad Organization (Jihad for short)
    Kidnapped 1987, released 1991

  4. What defensive line was supposed to keep the Germans out of France in World War II?
    Maginot Line
    Started in 1930, largely completed by 1939

  5. Which war do the girls in 'Little Women' grow up during?
    American Civil War

  6. In which month did the Battle of Hastings take place?

  7. Which city's Bastille was stormed in 1789?

  8. Who jointly formed the New Model Army with Thomas Fairfax?
    Oliver Cromwell
    English Civil War 1642–1651

  9. Which was the first city to be devastated by the dropping of an atomic bomb?

  10. Which popular toy is, allegedly, based on a weapon from the Philippines who's name means 'come come?'