Pub quiz questions

  1. Which island boasts of being Napoleon's birthplace?

  2. What city was Terry Waite kidnapped in?
    Kidnapped 1987, released 1991

  3. Which German field marshal was known as the Desert Fox?
    Erwin Rommel

  4. Which battle saw the final defeat of Napoleon?

  5. What was the nickname of Arthur Harris who was in charge of the World War II Allied air campaign against Germany?
    Military(3) Names(3) 1940s(3)

  6. What organisation kidnapped Terry Waite?
    Islamic Jihad Organization (Jihad for short)
    Kidnapped 1987, released 1991

  7. "By strength and guile" is the motto of which force?
    Special Boat Service

  8. Which country did Osama bin Laden head for when expelled from Sudan?

  9. Who gave the Asian community 90 days to leave Uganda in 1972?
    Idi Amin, (the then military leader and president)

  10. What name was attached to Germany's World War II submarines?
    Military(1) Names(1) 1940s(1) 1930s(1)