Pub quiz questions

  1. What is the name of Barbara Windsor's character in EastEnders?
    Peggy Mitchell

  2. Which actor played Joe Sugden in Emmerdale Farm?
    Frazer Hines

  3. What was Ivy Tilsley's surname when she died?

  4. What is Phil and Kathy Mitchell's son called?

  5. Until his death in February 2010, who was the most senior member of the Archer family?

  6. In Eastenders, what was the name of Michelle Fowler's daughter who returned in 2003?
    Vicky Fowler

  7. The characters Jason and Sable appeared in which TV soap?
    The Colby's

  8. Character/Show
    Prisoner: Cell Block H, Colleen Powell

  9. What is the name of the fictional GP Practice in "Doctors?"
    Mill Health Centre

  10. Which narrator of the Wombles played Wally Bannister in Coronation Street?
    Bernard Cribbins