Pub quiz questions

  1. Which character was played by Lacey Turner in Eastenders?
    Stacey Slater

  2. In Neighbours, what was the surname of Scott, Paul, Lucy and Julie?

  3. Show
    The Cosby Show

  4. In Coronation Street, What was Stan Ogden's occupation?
    Window cleaner

  5. Which Coronation Street actress died 15th October 2001?
    Betty Driver

  6. Which Eastenders' acterss won The X Factor: Battle of the Stars in 2006?
    Lucy Benjamin

  7. Who left EastEnders for France with two of her three children?
    Cindy Beale

  8. Actress Sarah Lancashire played which Coronation Street barmaid?
    Raquel Watts

  9. Which actor played Joe Sugden in Emmerdale Farm?
    Frazer Hines

  10. Who played the malicious character of Kim Tate in Emmerdale?
    Claire King