Pub quiz questions

  1. Home and Away is set near which Australian city?

  2. Character/Show
    Prisoner: Cell Block H, Joan Ferguson
    Not Vera Bennett (though they can look alike). 1979-1986

  3. Which soap is set in Erinsborough?

  4. In which soap did Sinbad appear?

  5. Which dish is the Rover' Return's Betty Williams (née Preston, previously Turpin) famous for?

  6. Which actor plays the role of Nasty Nick Cotton in Eastenders?
    John Altman
    1985–93, 1998, 2000–01, 2008–09

  7. Which TV soap's characters are said to have resulted in Alfie, Aleesha and Demi rising and falling in the UK's favourite names for babies chart?

  8. John Altman played the role of which character in Eastenders?
    Nasty Nick Cotton

  9. What was Ivy Tilsley's surname when she died?

  10. Who was Frank Tate's murdered wife in Emmerdale?