Pub quiz questions

  1. In Doctors, character Faith Walker left the Practice with partner Paul to do what and why?
    To travel the world before her eyesight failed

  2. Which Coronation Street actress died 15th October 2001?
    Betty Driver

  3. What disaster befell Neighbours in 2005, leading to some of the popular characters dying.
    A bomb planted on board a plane trip to Tasmania

  4. What is the name of the Hollyoaks pub?
    The Dog in the Pond

  5. In which year did the infamous Dingle family first appear on our screens in Emmerdale?

  6. Until his death in February 2010, who was the most senior member of the Archer family?

  7. Which soap is set in Erinsborough?

  8. What was Ivy Tilsley's surname when she died?

  9. Show
    The Colbys

  10. In which soap did Dave Glover perish in a fire?