Pub quiz questions

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    St. Elsewhere

  2. Which soap is set in Borsetshire?
    The Archers

  3. Which former Eastenders stars released the song 'Better Believe It' in aid of the 1995 Children In Need appeal?
    Sid Owen and Patsy Palmer

  4. John Altman played the role of which character in Eastenders?
    Nasty Nick Cotton

  5. What is the name of Barbara Windsor's character in EastEnders?
    Peggy Mitchell

  6. What is the name of the Mitchell sisters in Eastenders, the daughters of Archie Mitchell?
    Veronica (Ronnie) and Roxanne (Roxy)

  7. Which actor played Joe Sugden in Emmerdale Farm?
    Frazer Hines

  8. Which actor plays the role of Nasty Nick Cotton in Eastenders?
    John Altman
    1985–93, 1998, 2000–01, 2008–09

  9. What is Phil and Kathy Mitchell's son called?

  10. Which narrator of the Wombles played Wally Bannister in Coronation Street?
    Bernard Cribbins