Pub quiz questions

  1. In what year did Prince Edward decide that the Royal Marines was not for him?

  2. Which Queen of England has 11 fingers?
    Anne Boleyn

  3. Which title of nobility is derived from the Latin word for leader?

  4. Who accepted the title of Poet Laureate after Philip Larkin turned it down?
    Ted Hughes
    Poet Laureate 1984-1999

  5. Which is England's Royal County?

  6. Who is the US state of Virginia named after?
    Queen Elizabeth I
    From 'The Virgin Queen'

  7. Who, on first seeing his intended bride, said he felt unwell and demanded a brandy?
    George IV

  8. At which London address was Queen Elizabeth II born?
    17, Bruton Street
    Royalty(8) 1920s(8)

  9. Who ruled England between November 1558 – March 1603
    Elizabeth I/The Virgin Queen

  10. Who was the next Englishwoman to marry the heir to the throne after Lady Anne Hyde in 1659?
    Diana Spencer/Princess of Wales
    Royalty(6) 1980s(2)