Pub quiz questions

  1. Who ruled England between November 1558 – March 1603
    Elizabeth I/The Virgin Queen

  2. Which King was crowned in Scotland in 1651?
    Charles II
    Royalty(6) 1600s(6)

  3. What comes between Duke and Earl in the ranking of British peers?

  4. Who ruled England between August 1422 – March 1461
    Henry VI (first reign)

  5. When did Queen Elizabeth II ascend the throne?
    6 February 1952

  6. Who first ordered the clocks at Sandringham to be set at half-an-hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time?
    Edward VII
    Royalty(8) 1920s(7) 1910s(7)
    1901 to 1936

  7. In which year was the royal yacht Britannia decommissioned?
    Royalty(8) 1990s(7)

  8. Who was on the throne of England at the time of the Battle of Waterloo?
    George III

  9. What was the only language the future Queen Victoria was taught up to the age of three?

  10. Who talked to Princess Diana in what became known as the 'Squidgygate affair?'
    James Gilbey
    Royalty(5) 1990s(5) Sleaze(5)
    Recorded 'New Year's Eve 1989', publicised 1992