Pub quiz questions

  1. What is the relationship between Prince Edward and Lord Linley?

  2. Which member of the royal family went to America to complain that the British media 'hate anyone who succeeds'?
    Prince Edward

  3. Who ruled England between April 1509 – January 1547
    Henry VIII

  4. Bo Bruce, one of the favorites to win 'The Voice' (2012,) is the daughter of which Earl?
    The Earl of Cardigan

  5. Who ruled England between June 1377 – September 1399
    Richard II

  6. What was the main colour of a New Model Army uniform?
    English Civil War, 1642–1651

  7. Who ruled England between 802 – 839
    Egbert (Ecgberht)

  8. Who ruled England between June 1040 – June 1042
    Harthacnut (Hardeknud)

  9. Who was known as the Virgin Queen?
    Elizabeth I

  10. Which Poet Laureate's most famous works include 'The Charge of the Light Brigade?'
    Alfred, Lord Tennyson's
    Poet Laureate 1850-1896