Pub quiz questions

  1. Who ruled England between 1660 – February 1685
    Charles II/The Merrie Monarch

  2. Who was the Sailor King?
    William IV

  3. Whose reputation for laying down his cloak to keep Elizabeth I's feet from touching a puddle is actually a Victorian invention?
    Sir Walter Raleigh's
    Royalty(1) 1500s(1)

  4. Whose daughters were called Regan, Goneril and Cordelia?
    King Lear

  5. Who ruled England between September 1087 – August 1100
    William II/William Rufus/(Guillaume le Roux)

  6. Although the title is disputed, who ruled England between April 1141 – November 1141
    Matilda/Empress Matilda/(Mathilde l'emperesse)

  7. Which English King's nicknames included "Fitz Empressess" and "Curt Mantle?"
    Henry II

  8. What is the plural of Poet Laureate?
    Poets Laureate

  9. Which King appropriated Hampton Court Palace in the 16th century?
    Henry VIII

  10. Who was proclaimed, but never crowned, King of England between October 1066 – December 1066.
    Edgar the Ætheling (Eadgar Æþeling)