Pub quiz questions

  1. Who, born Reginald Dwight, is a singer who married in 2005, and tried, but failed, to adopt a Ukranian child in 2009?
    Elton John

  2. What is Natalie Portman's real name?
    Natalie Hershlag

  3. What is Michael Caine's real name?
    Maurice Micklewhite

  4. What is Martin Sheen's real name?
    Ramón (Gerardo Antonio) Estévez

  5. What is David Tennant's real name?
    David (John) McDonald

  6. Who, born Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, is a singer who came to prominence when she "kissed a girl"
    Katy Perry

  7. Who born Marshall Mathers is a white rap artist?

  8. Paul McCartney always uses his middle name (Paul), but what's his first name?

  9. Who, born David John McDonald, is a scottish actor who's played a Doctor, but has had more years in the theatre in Shakespeare plays?
    David Tennant

  10. Who, born Carlos Irwin Estévez, is the actor who was fired from Two and a Half Men in March 2011?
    Charlie Sheen