Pub quiz questions

  1. What name is given to the boxing rules drafted in 1867 by john Chambers?
    Marquess of Queensberry Rules
    Sports(5) Boxing(5)

  2. Which sports star played Gideon Jackson in the movie Freedom Road?
    Muhammad Ali

  3. Who was the first boxer to beat Thomas Hearns in a professional bout?
    Sugar Ray Leonard
    Sports(7) Boxing(6) 1980s(8)

  4. How many two minute rounds comprise an Olympic or Commonwealth Games boxing bout?
    Sports(5) Boxing(5)

  5. In boxing, which wight class comes in between Light Welterweight and Middleweight
    Boxing(3) Sports(4)

  6. Whose ear did Mike Tyson bite in a 1997 fight dubbed 'The Sound and the Fury?'
    Evander Holyfield's
    Sports(5) Boxing(5)

  7. When was Mike Tyson born?
    Sports(7) Boxing(6) 1970s(5)

  8. What four words did boxer Jack Dempsey use when he lost the Championship to Gene Tunney that Ronald Reagan echoed to Nancy when he was shot?
    I forgot to duck
    Politics(7) Sports(7) Boxing(7) 1980s(7) 1920s(7)
    Boxing fight in 1926, assassination attempt 1981.

  9. Which boxer of the past was nicknamed "The Cinderella Man?"
    James J. Braddock
    Boxing(5) People(8) Sports(6)

  10. Who was Evander Holyfield fighting for the World Title when a parachutist descended into the ring?
    Riddick Bowe
    Sports(6) Boxing(5)