Pub quiz questions

  1. Which Olympic event involves a plant in the box prior to a drop onto the pit?
    Pole vault

  2. Who was Ireland's only medal winner at the 2000 Sydney Olympics?
    Sonia O'Sullivan
    Silver for the 5000m

  3. Where were the 1928 winter Olympic games held?
    St Moritz, Switzerland

  4. Which four-letter-named combat activity for women awarded Olympic Medals in 1992 after being a demonstration sport in 1988?

  5. What East Asian state's women won gold, silver and bronze in the Sydney Olympic archery tournament?
    South Korea's

  6. What distance brought Kelly Holmes her second gold medal at the 2004 Olympics?

  7. Who collected Britain's first athletics gold of the 2004 Olympics?
    Kelly Holmes

  8. Which person from history famously opened the 1936 Olympics in Berlin
    Adolf Hitler

  9. Where were the 2002 winter Olympic games held?
    Salt Lake City, US

  10. Where were the 1988 summer Olympic games held?
    Seoul, South Korea