Pub quiz questions

  1. Which former Olympic and World Skating Champion starred in the 1995 TV movie 'The Ice Princess?'
    Katarina Witt

  2. Where were the 1984 summer Olympic games held?
    Los Angeles, US

  3. How many points is the outer white ring of an Olympics archery target worth?

  4. How many gold medals did Jesse Owens win at the Berlin Olympics in 1936?

  5. What activity involving animals was a demonstration sport at the 1932 Lake Placid Olympics?
    Dog-sled racing

  6. Where were the 1904 summer Olympic games held?
    St. Louis, United States

  7. What gruelling event in Barcelona saw Derartu Tulu of Ethopia become the first black African Olympic champion?
    10,000 meters

  8. Where were the 1896 Summer Olympic games held?
    Athens, Greece

  9. Which congenitally bald Brit won Olympic gold and bronze at the 1980 Olympics?
    Duncan Goodhew

  10. Where were the 1980 summer Olympic games held?
    Moscow, Soviet Union