Pub quiz questions

  1. Where were the 1920 summer Olympic games held?
    Antwerp, Belgium

  2. Where were the 1936 summer Olympic games held?
    Berlin, Germany

  3. What gruelling event in Barcelona saw Derartu Tulu of Ethopia become the first black African Olympic champion?
    10,000 meters

  4. How long is an Olympic swimming pool?

  5. What combat activity was a demonstration sport at the 1992 Olympics?

  6. Where were the 1984 summer Olympic games held?
    Los Angeles, US

  7. Where would the 1944 summer Olympic games have been held?
    London, UK
    Cancelled because of the war

  8. What distance brought Kelly Holmes her second gold medal at the 2004 Olympics?

  9. Where were the1980 winter Olympic games held?
    Lake Placid, US

  10. Where will the 2016 summer Olympic games be held?
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil