Pub quiz questions

  1. Where were the 1948 summer Olympic games held?
    London, UK

  2. What is the closest Olympic event to the Dutch sport of fierjjeppen?
    Pole vault

  3. Where would the 1940 winter Olympic games have been held?
    Initially in Sapporo, Japan, but they gave it back to the IOC. IOC gave it to St Moritz, Switzerland, but after falling out, the IOC confiscated it. IOC then gave it to Garmisch-Partenkirchen, but it was eventually cancelled because of the warn
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  4. Where were the 1948 winter Olympic games held?
    St. Moritz, Switzerland

  5. Where will the 2012 summer Olympic games be held?
    London, UK

  6. Where were the 1972 summer Olympic games held?
    Munich, West Germany

  7. What East Asian state's women won gold, silver and bronze in the Sydney Olympic archery tournament?
    South Korea's

  8. In which year did the winter Olympics start?

  9. What form of Olympic coverage did the BBC offer for the first time in 2004?

  10. Which Olympic field event's two main styles are the glide and the spin?
    Shot Put