Pub quiz questions

  1. How many gold medals did Jesse Owens win at the Berlin Olympics in 1936?

  2. Which city's 1972 Olympics were staged to celebrate peace but were marred by a terrorist attack?

  3. Company
    EDF Energy (Advertising 2012 olympics)

  4. In which sport did Audley Harrison win gold at the Sydney Olympics?

  5. Where were the 1896 Summer Olympic games held?
    Athens, Greece

  6. Where were the 1972 winter Olympic games held?
    Sapporo, Japan

  7. What East Asian state's women won gold, silver and bronze in the Sydney Olympic archery tournament?
    South Korea's

  8. Which Australian city staged the 2000 Games where Sir Steven Redgrave became the first rower to win five consecutive Olympic gold Medals?

  9. What was the nickname of the swimmer from Equatorial Guinea who took over two minutes to complete the 100m freestyle at the 2000 olympics?
    Eric the eel
    At the time of writing, the world records for the 100m are 47s(long course) and 45s(short)

  10. Which British athlete won the gold medal in the women's heptathlon event at the 2000 Sydney Olympics?
    Denise Lewis