Pub quiz questions

  1. Whose 1999 series loss to new Zealand found them at the bottom of the International Cricket Council rankings?

  2. In which city would you find Headingley Cricket Ground?

  3. Which former England cricket captain made his first class debut for Cambridge University in 1987?
    Michael Atherton
    Sports(5) Cricket(3) 1980s(6)

  4. Which boy's name's new-found popularity in 2005 is said to have been die to England's success in the Ashes cricket tournament?
    Sports(6) Cricket(5) Names(6) 2000s(6)

  5. Which English cricketing county plays their home games at Sophia Gardens?
    Glamorgan CC

  6. In cricket, what score is known as a Nelson?
    From the falsehood that Nelson had one eye, one arm and one leg.

  7. Why was England's 1929 Test Match against South Africa, the longest ever, called off after nine days?
    England's ship had to leave

  8. Which country won the cricket World Cup in 1992?

  9. Which county did Graham Gooch represent throughout his cricketing career?
    Essex CC
    Sports(5) Cricket(4) 1990s(4) 1980s(6) 1970s(6)

  10. Whose autobiography is entitled 'White Cap and Bails?'
    Harold Dennis (Dickie) Bird