Pub quiz questions

  1. Why was England's 1929 Test Match against South Africa, the longest ever, called off after nine days?
    England's ship had to leave

  2. Which former England cricket captain made his first class debut for Cambridge University in 1987?
    Michael Atherton
    Sports(5) Cricket(3) 1980s(6)

  3. Which was the first team to challenge England and Australia's Test cricket supremacy?
    West Indies

  4. Which English cricketing county plays at the Oval?
    Surrey CC

  5. In 2002, who announced his retirement from international cricket having amassed a total of 8029 runs in 128 tests throughout his career?
    Mark Waugh
    Sports(7) Cricket(4) 2000s(8)

  6. Which England bowler took four wickets in one over in the fourth Test against the West Indies at Headingley in August 2000?
    Andres Caddick
    Sports(6) Cricket(5) 2000s(6)

  7. How many lions are there on an England Cricket Badge?

  8. Which boy's name's new-found popularity in 2005 is said to have been die to England's success in the Ashes cricket tournament?
    Sports(6) Cricket(5) Names(6) 2000s(6)

  9. The Nursery End at the Pavilion End are names associated with which sporting venue?

  10. In which city would you find Headingley Cricket Ground?