Pub quiz questions

  1. How many yards long is a cricket pitch?

  2. Whose 1999 series loss to new Zealand found them at the bottom of the International Cricket Council rankings?

  3. Whose autobiography is entitled 'White Cap and Bails?'
    Harold Dennis (Dickie) Bird

  4. Why was England's 1929 Test Match against South Africa, the longest ever, called off after nine days?
    England's ship had to leave

  5. In which city is the Ballymore Oval cricket ground?

  6. How many lions are there on an England Cricket Badge?

  7. Which was the first team to challenge England and Australia's Test cricket supremacy?
    West Indies

  8. Which English cricketing county plays at the Oval?
    Surrey CC

  9. In cricket, how does does the next batsman have to get to the crease before he is timed out?
    2 minutes

  10. In which decade was over-arm bowling allowed for the first time in cricket?