Pub quiz questions

  1. Which famous Scottish golf club boasts the Ladies Putting Club, the world's oldest miniature golf course?
    St. Andrew's
    History(3) Sports(3) Golf(3)

  2. Which Queen reputedly played at the world's oldest still existing golf course, Musselburgh Links, East Lothian in 1567?
    Mary Queen of Scots
    History(7) Sports(7) Golf(7) Royalty(7)

  3. What nationality is the golfer David Duval?
    Sports(6) Golf(4)

  4. Which British golfer won his first US Masters in 1989?
    Nick Faldo
    Sports(6) Golf(4)

  5. In which American state was the first ever Ryder Cup held?
    Sports(7) Golf(7) 1920s(6)

  6. Which Prince spent £325,000 of public money in one year hiring planes and helicopters including flights to St Andrews golf course?
    Prince Andrew
    People(1) Sports(1) Golf(1) Royalty(1)

  7. What Oscar-winning Steven Spielberg movie was partly filmed on the Omaha Beach Golf Club overlooking the D-Day beaches?
    Saving Private Ryan

  8. In golf, who was the first European to win the US Masters?
    Seve Ballasteros
    Golf(4) Sports(7)

  9. Which Scottish golfer married actress Suzanne Danielle?
    Sam Torrance

  10. Name the golfer
    Tiger Woods
    Took out an injunction to prevent photos and details of private life getting out