Pub quiz questions

  1. In 1972, which sporting female became the first woman to be named Sports Illustrated's 'Sportsperson of the Year?'
    Billie Jean King
    Sports(5) Tennis(4) 1970s(4)

  2. American tennis player who wore a wig
    Andre Agassi

  3. What name is given to a score of forty-all in tennis?
    Sports(2) Tennis(1)

  4. Which Czech-born tennis star is known as the Swiss Miss?
    Matina Hingis
    Sports(6) Tennis(6)

  5. In which country was tennis player Mary Pierce born?

  6. What is the nationality of tennis player Wayne Ferreria?
    South African
    Sports(6) Tennis(6)

  7. What do the initials WTA stand for in terms of tennis?
    Women's Tennis Association

  8. In which country was Martina Hingis born?
    Czechoslovakia (now Slovakia)
    Sports(6) Tennis(6)
    She didn't move to Switzerland until a year after her parents' divorce when she was then aged 7.

  9. Who did Roger Federer defeat in the 2003 Men's Singles final at Wimbledon?
    Mark Philippoussis
    Sports(8) Tennis(6)

  10. Who played Wimbledon's Centre Court without a racket in 1996?
    Cliff Richard