Pub quiz questions

  1. Who partnered Tony Blair in a charity tennis match in May 2002?
    Pat Cash

  2. Which female tennis star is the daughter of a Belgian gymnastics champion and a football player?
    Kim Clijsters
    Sports(9) Tennis(9)

  3. What is the nationality of tennis player Wayne Ferreria?
    South African
    Sports(6) Tennis(6)

  4. Which future monarch competed at Wimbledon?
    George VI
    Sports(8) Tennis(8) Royalty(8) 1920s(7)
    1926 in the mens doubles

  5. In which European country was tennis star Monica Seles born?
    Yugoslavia (currently Serbia and Montenegro)
    Tennis(4) Sports(4)

  6. What nationality is tennis player Marat Safin?

  7. Which Swiss player first became the world's top-ranked men's singles tennis player in February 2004?
    Roger Federer
    Sports(4) Tennis(4)

  8. Whose only losses at the French Open tennis were to Adriano Panetta?
    Bjorn Borg
    Sports(9) Tennis(9) 1970s(9)
    1973, 1976

  9. Which Czech-born tennis star is known as the Swiss Miss?
    Matina Hingis
    Sports(6) Tennis(6)

  10. Who won the women's singles at Wimbledon in 1977?
    Virginia Wade
    Sports(6) Tennis(6) 1970s(6)