Pub quiz questions

  1. Who was named European footballer of the year in 1998?
    Zinedine Zidane

  2. Who now plays at the Sports Direct Arena?
    Newcastle United

  3. Which German footballer is the only man to have both captained and managed Word Cup-winning teams?
    Franz Beckenbauer
    Sports(7) Football(7) 1990s(8) 1970s(8)
    1974 as player, 1990 as manager

  4. Who scored Arsenal's goas when they lost 2-1 to Barcelona in the 2006 UEFA Champions League Final?
    Sol Campbell

  5. Which Saturday night TV programme was first broadcast on August 22 1964?
    Match of the Day

  6. Mohammed Bin Hammam, who was a FIFA executive committee member, was banned from football for life (on Saturday, 23 July 2011) for handing out bribes. Which country did he represent?

  7. in 1992, which conservative MP was ridiculed for asking to make love to Antonia de Sancha while wearing his Chelsea FC football kit?
    David Mellor

  8. Which Brazilian footballer was born Edson Arantes do Nascimento?

  9. Who was named European footballer of the year in 1993?
    Roberto Baggio

  10. Name the model and Big Brother contestant
    Imogen Thomas
    Allegedly the other party to Ryan Giggs in a superinjunction