Pub quiz questions

  1. Name the original 1970's Wombles Characters?
    (8)Tomsk, Orinoco, Great Uncle Bulgaria, Wellington, Bungo, Madame Cholet, Tobermory and Miss Adelaide
    Some quizzes miss out Miss Adelaide

  2. Which TV sitcom developed from a French and Saunder's sketch called Modern Mother and Daughter?
    Absolutely Fabulous

  3. How is Maurice Cole better known?
    Kenny Everett

  4. Show/Character
    Willo the Wisp, Mavis Cruet

  5. In Neighbours, what was the surname of Scott, Paul, Lucy and Julie?

  6. Which beer allegedly 'refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach?'

  7. Show/Character
    Willo the Wisp, Evil Edna

  8. To which BBC programme did Princess Diana famously give an exclusive interview in November 1995?

  9. Which cartoon character was known as "the fastest mouse in all of Mexico?"
    Speedy Gonzalez

  10. Which fellow thespian is the mother of actress Beatie Edney?
    Sylvia Syms