Pub quiz questions

  1. Who was the Muppet Show announcer?
    Kermit the Frog

  2. Whose daytime chat show was described as "human bear baiting" in 2007 by Judge Alan Berg?
    Jeremy Kyle

  3. In which city does "Sex and the City" take place?
    New York

  4. Show/Character
    Willo the Wisp, Mavis Cruet

  5. Which former Prime Minister was voted the Greatest-Ever Briton on a 2002 BBC poll?
    Sir Winston Churchill

  6. Hong Kong Phooey is the alter-ego of who?
    Penrod "Penry" Pooch
    September 7, 1974 – December 21, 1974

  7. Which Holby City actor won Strictly Come Dancing in 2008?
    Tom Chambers

  8. What was the real name of the primary star of the Canadian TV series The Littlest Hobo?
    Some of his relatives also starred: Toro, Litlon, and Thorn

  9. Which Star Trek character was played on TV and film by DeForrest Kelley?
    Dr McCoy

  10. Name the headmasters (both those that appeared on screen, and those that didn't) of Grange Hill in the 30-odd years it aired.
    9 in total (with one being headmaster twice): Mr E. Starling(1978), Mr Llewelyn(1979–80 but never on screen), Mrs Bridget McClusky (1981–84, 1986–91), Mr C. J. Humphries(1985–86 died, McClusky took over), Mrs Angela Keele(1992–94), Mr Alistair H. McNab(1995–97 but never on screen), Mr Peter Robson(1998–2003), Mrs S. Bassinger(2004–07), Miss Gayle(2007–08)