Pub quiz questions

  1. Emma Jackson in Home and Away
    Dannii Minogue

  2. Who was Frank Tate's murdered wife in Emmerdale?

  3. Show
    The Smurfs

  4. Which Star Trek character was played on TV and film by DeForrest Kelley?
    Dr McCoy

  5. Who was assassinated the day before the first episode of Dr Who?
    John F Kennedy
    Kennedy assassinated November 22, 1963

  6. The title from which TV drama gave Jimmy Nail a hit in 1994?
    Crocodile Shoes

  7. Which Boon star played Billy Bones in the 1995 TV movie 'Ken Russell's Treasure Island?'
    Michael Elphick
    Boon 1986-1992, 1995

  8. Which character narrates all but four of the Sherlock Holmes stories?
    Dr Watson

  9. Character/Show
    Prisoner: Cell Block H, Colleen Powell

  10. Which musical instrument does Sherlock Holmes play for relaxation?