Pub quiz questions

  1. What, along with the Daily Telegraph, was one of Britain's only two remaining national broadsheet dailies at the start of 2006?
    The Financial Times
    Media(4) 2000s(4)

  2. What was England's biggest-selling daily newspaper at the start of the 21st century?
    The Sun

  3. In which year did Ceefax start broadcasting?

  4. What colour is the lightning flash on a BBC weather map predicting thunder?
    Used to be blue, now yellow/orange

  5. Who is the editor of the spoof magazine Private Eye?
    Ian Hislop

  6. Which newspaper proprietor was nicknamed the Bouncing Czech?
    Robert Maxwell
    Media(1) Names(1) Sleaze(1)

  7. Which musical did the Daily Mail claim included 3,168 mentions of the word 'fuck' when it is actually only mentioned 96 times by a choir of 33 people?
    Jerry Springer: The Opera
    96 x 33 = 3,168

  8. How many points has a snowflake on a BBC weather map?

  9. Who became ITN's first ever female newsreader in 1978?
    Anna Ford

  10. What is predicted by a weather map symbol showing a white cloud?
    Partly cloudy, at night.