Pub quiz questions

  1. Which company with 13 employees was bought by Facebook for US$1bn in 2012?
    Media(6) 2010s(6)

  2. Wendi Deng, who defended her husband against a custard pie attack, on Tuesday 19th July 2011, is his third wife - who is the husband?
    Rupert Murdoch

  3. Which UK national newspaper's apparent obsession with 'the conspiracy theory' included a week in 2006 when Princess Diana featured daily on the front page, 9 years after her death?
    The Daily Express
    Media(4) 1990s(4) 2000s(4) Royalty(4)

  4. What holy city was Robert Maxwell buried in?
    People(2) Media(2) 1990s(2) Sleaze(2)
    Died 1991

  5. Which newspaper proprietor once said 'You are as safe with me as you would be in the Bank of England?'
    Robert Maxwell
    Media(4) Sleaze(4)

  6. What, along with the Daily Telegraph, was one of Britain's only two remaining national broadsheet dailies at the start of 2006?
    The Financial Times
    Media(4) 2000s(4)

  7. Name the comedian
    David Schneider
    Allegedly has a super-injunction out to prevent details of his private life being mentioned.

  8. Which future Prime Minister was once war correspondent for the Morning Post?
    Winston Churchill

  9. Which city boasts the British Meteorological Office?

  10. Which British author edited the periodicals Household Words and All the Year Round?
    Charles Dickens