Pub quiz questions

  1. Character
    Pinocchio, 1940, voiced by Dickie Jones

  2. Who wrote the series of children's books featuring Little Mabel?
    Jilly Cooper

  3. Character
    Mr Smee
    Peter Pan, 1953, voiced by Bill Thompson

  4. Stephen Hillenburg created which cartoon character in the 90s, the first episodes of which were called “Help wanted,” “Reef blower” and “Tea at the Treedome”
    Spongebob Squarepants Entertainment

  5. Character
    Pinocchio, 1940, voiced by Mel Blanc (first appearance), Clarence Nash, Frank Welker

  6. Mr Men
    Mr Slow

  7. In which fictional county was Camberwick Green?

  8. Which character out of the cartoon Peanuts appears in the International Radio Alphabet?

  9. Mr Men
    Mr Forgetful

  10. Character
    George Darling
    Peter Pan, 1953, voiced by Hans Conried