Pub quiz questions

  1. What children's construction kit is the subject of a Danish theme park?

  2. Character
    Pinocchio, 1940, voiced by Mel Blanc (first appearance), Clarence Nash, Frank Welker

  3. Character
    Captain Eugene Harold "Armor Abs" Krabs.

  4. Which Roald Dahl duo are cruel to animals until the Roly-Poly bird arrives from Africa to help the monkeys get revenge?
    The Twins

  5. Name the game
    It's the diver

  6. Mr Men
    Mr Slow

  7. Character
    Lady Tremaine
    Wicked stepmother in Cinderella, 1950, voiced by Eleanor Audley

  8. Character
    Pearl Krabs

  9. Who originally presented the childrens show Picturebook from 1955 to 1957?
    Patricia Driscoll

  10. Who wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?
    Roald Dalh