Pub quiz questions

  1. What is the internet top-level domain for Sweden?

  2. What was the name of the ape who Jumpman, or Mario, had to rescue the maiden from in an early arcade game?

  3. What name is given to a device that enables computers to send and receive information via telephone?

  4. What does PDA stand for in computer terminology?
    Personal Digital Assistant

  5. How many gigabytes capacity had the first commercially available iPod?

  6. Which was the first iPod without a screen or scroll wheel?
    iPod Shuffle

  7. How many bits are there (commonly) in a byte?

  8. What three letter word means the smallest piece of information used by a computer?

  9. What has Boll Mogridge's 'GRiD Compass 1101' been described as the first true example of?
    Laptop computer

  10. In the original 1963 version of ASCII, what character was at code point 0x55(85) before being replaced with a caret (^) in 1965?
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