Pub quiz questions

  1. Which company produces the iPod?
    Apple (Computer International)

  2. What name, originally describing a person who performed calculations has now come to mean an electronic machine which performs multiple tasks?

  3. In the original 1963 version of ASCII, what character was at code point 0x55(85) before being replaced with a caret (^) in 1965?
    Up arrow (↑)

  4. What was the arcade game Pac-Man originally called until someone spotted how easy it was to change the name by simply scratching the cabinet?

  5. How many bits are there (commonly) in a byte?

  6. What three letter word means the smallest piece of information used by a computer?

  7. The three key combination Ctrl-Alt-Delete can be used to reboot your personal computer or to summon its task manager. Computer geeks sometimes use which expression from the Star Trek TV series to describe this?
    Vulcan Nerve Pinch
    While this may also be called the "three finger salute," the answer would be wrong here.

  8. Who designed the 'Cambridge Z88' mini computer?
    Clive Sinclair

  9. What does CD-ROM stand for?
    Compact Disk - Read Only Memory

  10. What were 5th generation iPods the first to offer?