Pub quiz questions

  1. What name is given to the galaxy closest to us?
    Andromeda (2.5 million LY away)

  2. What bird gave its name to the lunar module which took Neil Armstrong to the surface of the moon?
    Space(1) Biology(2) Nature(2) 1960s(1)

  3. Who was the first American in space?
    Alan Shepard
    Science(3) People(3) Space(3) 1960s(3)
    May 5 1961

  4. How many moons does Mars have?
    Space(2) Science(2)
    Phobos and Deimos

  5. Which red giant is the fourth brightest star in the Sky?

  6. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries which planet was once thought to have canals?
    Science(3) Space(3)

  7. Which planet is known as "The Red Planet"
    Science(1) Space(1)

  8. Which veteran American astronaut made a trip into space at the age of 77?
    John Glenn
    Science(6) People(6) Space(6) 1990s(6)
    October 29, 1998

  9. Which US state sees the launch of Space Shuttles?

  10. Which Soviet cosmonaut was the first man in space?
    Yuri Gagarin
    Space(2) 1960s(2)
    12 April 1961