Pub quiz questions

  1. Which American Football team won the first ever Super Bowl?
    Green Bay Packers

  2. Which other country is classed as part of England when it comes to the national cricket Team?

  3. Which boxer of the past was nicknamed "The Cinderella Man?"
    James J. Braddock
    People(8) Sports(6) Boxing(5)

  4. Who was the first player to be transferred for over ₤10m between English clubs?
    Alan Shearer
    From Blackburn to Newcastle United

  5. What is Scotland's oldest football club and the only amateur club in the Scottish League?
    Queen's Park FC

  6. In which year was the Olympic Torch first introduced into the modern Olympic Games?
    The IX summer games. The relay from Greece to the venue didn't start until 1936 however.

  7. Where were the 1932 summer Olympic games held?
    Los Angeles, US

  8. Which sport was known (among other things) as 'Poona' after the British garrison town in India it was particularly popular in?

  9. What was Boris Becker's seeding when he won his first Wimbledon title?
    He wasn't seeded
    Sports(4) Tennis(2)

  10. Where were the 1998 winter Olympic games held?
    Nagano, Japan