Pub quiz questions

  1. Where were the 1912 summer Olympic games held?
    Stockholm, Sweden

  2. What was the first British footballer to be transferred for ₤2M?
    Paul Gascoigne
    To Tottenham Hotspurs from Newcastle on 18th July 1988

  3. Which Welshman, nicknamed Dracula, won the World Snooker Championship six times in the 1970s?
    Ray Reardon

  4. Who was named European footballer of the year in 1973?
    Johan Cruyff

  5. In tennis, which four events make up the Grand Slam?
    Wimbledon, US Open, French Open and the Australian Open

  6. 11:00 8th August 2011, Summarise any of the three e-petitions that are more popular than the one calling for the restoration of capital punishment.
    Cheaper petrol and diesel,(18,191). Petition to retain the ban on Capital Punishment View (17,608). Keep Formula 1 Free To Air in the UK View (12,892)
    Restore Capital Punishment View (9,933)

  7. 2011 Rugby World Cup team
    Sports(7) Logos(7) Rugby(7)

  8. What four words did boxer Jack Dempsey use when he lost the Championship to Gene Tunney that Ronald Reagan echoed to Nancy when he was shot?
    I forgot to duck
    Politics(7) Sports(7) Boxing(7) 1980s(7) 1920s(7)
    Boxing fight in 1926, assassination attempt 1981.

  9. Which male sprinter broke the 100m and 200m world records at the Beijing Olympis in 2008?
    Usain Bolt

  10. Where were the 1896 Summer Olympic games held?
    Athens, Greece