Pub quiz questions

  1. From which country do football team Silkeborg IF come from

  2. Which three Americans did Björn Borg beat in Wimbledon finals?
    John McEnroe, Roscoe Tanner and Jimmy Connors
    Respectively 1980, 1978, Twice in 1977&78

  3. In which sport would you find the Amsterdam Admirals?
    Gaelic football

  4. From which club did Everton sign Tim Cahill in 2004?

  5. Which snooker player was nicknamed (among others) the "Romford Robot?"
    Steve Davies.
    Also known as Steve "Interesting" Davis, The Plumstead Potter, The Essex Executioner, etc.

  6. Who said to Lennox Lewis: 'I want your heart, I wanna eat your children, praise be to Allah?'
    Mike Tyson
    Sports(2) Boxing(2)

  7. Which future Tory MP broke the world mile record in 1979?
    Sebastian Coe

  8. Where were the 1956 summer Olympic games held?
    Melbourne, Australia, and Stockholm, Sweden
    Sweden hosted only the equestrian events due to quarantine regulations.

  9. From which football club did Arsenal sign David Seaman?

  10. Which player scored the first goal of the 1999 FA Cup Final?
    Teddy Sheringjam