Pub quiz questions

  1. Whose channel swim was Matt Lucas talking about when he urged fans to 'Sponsor my mate?'
    David Walliams

  2. What's the sport if the equipment includes an arm guard and a tab to protect the fingers of the drawing hand?

  3. Of the 92 teams in the English Football League, whose ground is at the highest altitude?
    West Bromwich Albion
    551 feet above sea level

  4. Which British sporting hero received a knighthood in May 2001?
    Sir Steve Redgrave

  5. Which person from history famously opened the 1936 Olympics in Berlin
    Adolf Hitler

  6. What sized ball is a game of netball played with?
    Size 5 [69cm±0.5cm (27in±0.20in)]

  7. What endurance test was Gertrude Ederle the first woman to complete?
    Swimming the Channel

  8. What name is now given to former football touch judges?
    Assistant referees

  9. Where will the 2016 summer Olympic games be held?
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  10. Which Sheffield theatre is a famous snooker venue?
    The Crucible