Pub quiz questions

  1. Which England manager employed a faith healer to take care of his team?
    Glenn Hoddle

  2. Which hurling team won the most All Ireland Championships in the 20th Century?

  3. Which congenitally bald Brit won Olympic gold and bronze at the 1980 Olympics?
    Duncan Goodhew

  4. Who, in 2003, became the first rugby star to kick his way to BBC Sports Personality of the Year glory?
    Jonny Wilkinson

  5. What color are the five rings on the Olympic Flag?
    Red, yellow, black, blue and green

  6. What is the main aim in the Caber Toss in the highland games?
    To get the end that was held, and flipped, at 12 o'clock with respect to the run-up.

  7. At which sporting venue do competitors travel down the 'Brabham Strait?'
    Brands Hatch

  8. How many furlongs are covered in the Derby?

  9. Which golf course hosts the US Masters?
    Sports(4) Golf(3)

  10. What shaky-sounding case does an archer keep his arrows in?