Pub quiz questions

  1. Which sport can be played with balls of four different bouncing qualities

  2. Which Olympic event involves a plant in the box prior to a drop onto the pit?
    Pole vault

  3. Where were the 1920 summer Olympic games held?
    Antwerp, Belgium

  4. What game was named in the 19th century after army slang for a first year cadet?

  5. What is the name given to 3 consecutive strikes in Ten-pin bowling?
    A turkey

  6. Who was Evander Holyfield fighting for the World Title when a parachutist descended into the ring?
    Riddick Bowe
    Sports(6) Boxing(5)

  7. With which sport is Jean-Clause Killy associated?
    Sports(6) 1960s(7)
    World cup winner 1967–68

  8. Who won the FA Cup, League Cup and UEFA Cup in the 2000/1 season?

  9. What is the nationality of tennis player Wayne Ferreria?
    South African
    Sports(6) Tennis(6)

  10. Who ran the world's second sub-four-minute mile before becoming Governor of Victoria, Australia?
    John Landy