Pub quiz questions

  1. Which Queen reputedly played at the world's oldest still existing golf course, Musselburgh Links, East Lothian in 1567?
    Mary Queen of Scots
    History(7) Sports(7) Golf(7) Royalty(7)

  2. Which American sports star died in a plane crash in 1999?
    Payne Stewart
    Golf(5) Sports(6) 1990s(6)

  3. What would a British cyclist call what his American counterpart would know as fenders?
    Mudguards (or at a push 'wing' or 'bumper')

  4. Which actress and Playboy model was one Mrs Mike Tyson?
    Robin Givens
    Sports(6) Boxing(6)

  5. Name the golfer
    Tiger Woods
    Took out an injunction to prevent photos and details of private life getting out

  6. Where were the 1952 winter Olympic games held?
    Oslo, Norway

  7. Who was named European footballer of the year in 1994?
    Hristo Stoichkov

  8. Which Georgia golf club is the home of the US Masters?
    Augusta national Golf Club
    Sports(6) Golf(6)

  9. What four words did boxer Jack Dempsey use when he lost the Championship to Gene Tunney that Ronald Reagan echoed to Nancy when he was shot?
    I forgot to duck
    Politics(7) Sports(7) Boxing(7) 1980s(7) 1920s(7)
    Boxing fight in 1926, assassination attempt 1981.

  10. Who scored England's winning goal in their Euro 2000 victory over Germany?
    Alan Shearer