Pub quiz questions

  1. Who had been refused licences to box in Britain until 1998 but had five licences granted before the end of the 20th century?
    Sports(7) Boxing(7)

  2. The name of which sport means "empty hand" in Japanese?

  3. Who was the first footballer to be voted BBC Sports Personality of the Year in the 21st Century
    David Beckham

  4. What became the venue for the World Snooker Championship in 1977?
    Crucible Theatre, Sheffield

  5. Which sports star played Gideon Jackson in the movie Freedom Road?
    Muhammad Ali

  6. How many minutes of play are there in a Rugby Union match?
    Sports(4) Rugby(4)

  7. Who did England beat 5-1 after being a goal down in a 2001 World Cup qualifier?

  8. Of the 92 teams in the English Football League, whose ground is at the highest altitude?
    West Bromwich Albion
    551 feet above sea level

  9. Who scored England's winning goal in their Euro 2000 victory over Germany?
    Alan Shearer

  10. With which sport would you associate Sheffield Eagles?
    Rugby League
    Sports(6) Rugby(2)