Pub quiz questions

  1. Which Portuguese footballer became the most expensive player when he joined Real Madrid from Barcelona?
    Luis Figo

  2. Which premiership star popped up alongside Sharon Stone in Basic instinct 2?
    Stan Collymore

  3. Who was the first (and as of 2012 the only) British jockey to be knighted?
    Sir Gordon Richards
    Sports(6) 1950s(6)

  4. Where were the 2000 summer Olympic games held?
    Sydney, Australia

  5. What does the FA of FA Cup stand for?
    Football Association

  6. Which day of the week traditionally sees Ladies' Day at Ascot?

  7. Which sport was contested at the 1988 Olympics for the first time in 64 years?
    1920s(6) 1980s(6) Sports(6) Olympics(6)
    Previously played at the 1924 Olympics. Was a demonstration sport in 1968 and 1984.

  8. Which rugby team clinched the 2000 Allied Dunbar Premiership by beating Bristol?
    Sports(4) 2000s(6) Rugby(4)

  9. Which two comedians sang the song "Three Lions," for use at Euro 96
    David Baddiel and Frank Skinner

  10. Which European country's football team are known as 'Diables Rouges?'
    Translates as 'the Red Devils'