Pub quiz questions

  1. Which vitamin was isolated from fish liver oil in 1917?
    Vitamin D
    Food(7) Science(7) Biology(7)

  2. What are the two main vegetable ingredients of bubble and squeak?
    Potatoes and cabbage

  3. What frozen product consisted of cake spread with jam wrapped around a stick of vanilla ice cream?
    Arctic Roll

  4. Which part of a cooked breakfast is an above-ground spore-producing structure?
    Food(1) Nature(1)

  5. After the flood, God gave Noah the right to do what to sheep? A right which he denied to Adam.
    Eat them
    Food(2) QI(3) Religion(4) Biology(3)
    1x01. According to the Bible, Adam and Eve were vegetarians, told by God to eat fruit and vegetables only. It was only after the Great Flood, when God made a new covenant with Noah, and said, "Every living thing that moves will be yours to eat."

  6. What types of beans are typically used to make Baked Beans?
    Haricot beans
    Food(5) Nature(5)

  7. Which part of a ginger plant does the spice come from?
    The root (or rhyzome)

  8. What do British breakfast menus call what American's know as Canadian Bacon?
    Back bacon (or smoked ham)
    Language(6) Food(6)

  9. Pershore, Victoria and Washington are types of which fruit?

  10. Which herb traditionally flavours gravadlax?
    Nature(8) Food(7)