Pub quiz questions

  1. Which musical's movie premier was preceded by a parade of horse drawn surreys with fringes on top?

  2. What unfinished work was commissioned by Count von Walsegg?
    Motzart's Requiem?
    Art(8) Music(8)

  3. What is by far the most famous New York-based piece of work by French sculptor Auguste Barthold?
    The Statue of Liberty
    Art(2) Statues(2)

  4. Which English artist always dressed in black after the death if his wife Maria?
    John Constable

  5. What war saw the bombing of Guernica which inspired one of Picasso's most moving paintings?
    Spanish Civil War
    Military(4) Art(4)

  6. What nationality was Pablo Picasso?
    Geography(7) People(7) Art(7)

  7. What subject does Miss Sherman teach in the musical Fame?

  8. What were the Society of West End Theatre Awards renamed in 1984 in honour of a British Actor?
    The Laurence Olivier Awards

  9. In 1995, Kim Wilde appeared in a production of which rock musical in London's West End?

  10. What is the first name of Gianni Versace's sister who took control of the business after his death in 1997?
    Business(6) Art(6) 1990s(6)