Pub quiz questions

  1. What is the English title of the Manet painting depicting a nude woman enjoying a picnic with two clothed men?
    The Luncheon on the Grass

  2. Which London tourist attraction's famous fourth plinth became the site for Marc Quinn's sculpture of naked and pregnant Alison Lapper in 2005?
    Trafalgar Square

  3. Which Italian fashion house own the Yves St Laurent brand for clothes, watches and perfume?
    Art(5) Business(5)

  4. What does the M in JMW Turner's name stand for?
    Art(8) Names(8)

  5. Who devised the towering framework which supports the Statue of Liberty?
    Alexandre-Gustave Eiffel
    Statues(7) Art(7)

  6. Which country was the birthplace of two of the Three Tenors?
    Art(5) Music(5)

  7. Which BBC building in Portland Place boasts Eric Gill's sculptures Prospero and Ariel above the front door?
    Broadcasting House

  8. Painting
    The Baptism of Christ, Verrocchio and Leonardo, 1472–1475

  9. What instrument is played by the leader of an orchestra?
    Music(6) Art(6)

  10. Where was (is) the 2011 Turner prize exhibition (being) held?
    BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead