Pub quiz questions

  1. What boogie piano hit by B Bumble and the Stingrs was based on the Marche from Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker?
    Nut Rocker

  2. The attempted assassination of which pop artist and film-maker was the subject of a 1996 film by Mary Harron?
    Andy Warhol (I short Andy Warhol)
    Art(5) 1990s(5) Crime(5)

  3. Which West End prince-and-pauper musical tells the tale of Liverpudlian siblings Mickey and Eddie?
    Blood Brothers

  4. Which art gallery has opened in the former Bankside power station?
    Tate Modern
    Art(4) 1990s(7) 2000s(7)
    Announced 1994, started 1995, completed 2000

  5. Which Wings album includes the song 'Picasso's Last Words (Drink to me?)'
    Band on the Run

  6. Which well known portrait is Sir Thomas Gainsborough's most famous work?
    The Blue Boy

  7. Who designed the Rolling Stones 'lips and tongue' logo?
    Andy Warhol

  8. What name is attached to a small orchestra of around 40 players?
    Chamber orchestra
    Language(5) Music(5) Art(5)

  9. Sculpture
    Mask II , Ron Mueck, 2001

  10. What subject does Miss Sherman teach in the musical Fame?