Pub quiz questions

  1. Which West End prince-and-pauper musical tells the tale of Liverpudlian siblings Mickey and Eddie?
    Blood Brothers

  2. Who aimed his Emporio range at younger buyers?
    Giorgio Armani
    Business(4) Art(4)

  3. What are the surnames of Italian fashion designers Domenico and Stefano who's celebrity clients have included Madonna and Kylie?
    Dolce and Gabbana

  4. Which English Artist was known as 'the painter of light?'
    JMW Turner

  5. Whose 'Luncheon of the Boating Party' prints and posters hung in millions of homes in the 1980s?
    Pierre-Auguste Renoir's

  6. What Philharmonic orchestra is based a the Musikverein concert hall?
    Vienna Philharmonic
    Music(7) Art(7)

  7. Which Mozart opera takes fiancée swapping as it's theme?
    Così fan tutte
    Music(8) Art(8)

  8. Which German composer's musical works include a Freemasonary-influenced opera called The Magic Flute?
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's
    Music(7) Art(7)

  9. What eye complaint is blamed for the reddish tone of Monet's paintings?
    Art(5) Biology(5)

  10. Which northern UK city is home to the Hallé Orchestra?
    Music(4) Art(4)