Pub quiz questions

  1. How many lines are there in a sonnet?

  2. Which major character n the musical Spamalot is described as 'Homicidally brave and a near psychopathic knight with a difference?'
    Sir Lancelot

  3. Which Mao Zedong publication was the cultural revolution of 1966 based on?
    The little red book

  4. Which fictional character's Hyde Park statue was installed in the night at the request of JM Barrie who thought this would retain its magical appeal?
    Peter Pan's

  5. Which rock band's d├ębut album, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn was named after a chapter title from Wind in Willows?
    Pink Floyd's
    Chapter seven

  6. Which Devon seaside resort was the birthplace of Agatha Christie?

  7. Mr Men
    Mr Christmas

  8. Who are the last remaining human survivors from Earth when it is destroyed by the Vogons in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy?
    Arthur Dent and Tricia McMillan(Trillian Astra)

  9. Wrote about Peter, who was sent to bed with a dose of camomile tea.
    Beatrix Potter

  10. Mr Men
    Mr Dizzy