Pub quiz questions

  1. Which skinny Dandy character peered through holes in doors?
    Keyhole Kate

  2. In which decade were the Stephen King novels "Carrie" and "Salem's Lot" first published?

  3. Mr Men
    Mr Tall

  4. Mr Men
    Mr Silly

  5. Which English National Park surrounded author Beatrix Potter's sheep farm?
    Lake District

  6. Who conducted the Philadelphia Orchestra and shook hands with Mickey Mouse in Fantasia?
    Leopold Stokowski

  7. Which planet's satellites are mostly named after Shakespeare characters?
    There are 27 of them

  8. Which film ends with 'tomorrow is another day?'
    Gone with the Wind

  9. Which English poet is best known for nautical ballads such as Drake's Drum?
    Sir Henry Newbold

  10. Who became Poet Laureate in 1943 while stipulating that: 'No formal effusions from me shall be considered a necessity?'
    William Wordsworth
    Poet Laureate 1843-1850