Pub quiz questions

  1. Which fictional character's Hyde Park statue was installed in the night at the request of JM Barrie who thought this would retain its magical appeal?
    Peter Pan's

  2. Who wrote 'The Life of Pi?'
    Yann Martel

  3. Wrote about Peter, who was sent to bed with a dose of camomile tea.
    Beatrix Potter

  4. Which sportsman's autobiography is called "My Side?"
    David Beckham

  5. Mr Men
    Mr Scatterbrain

  6. Mr Men
    Mr Daydream

  7. Twilight
    Stephenie Meyer

  8. Which novel-inspired cannibalistic role did Anthony Hopkins say he based partly on HAL 9000, the Space Odyssey computer?
    Hannibal Lecter

  9. Which town did Charles Dickens describe as "the dullest and most stupid spot on the face of the earth?"

  10. Mr Men
    Mr Small