Pub quiz questions

  1. Which Shakespeare play asks: "To be or not to be?"

  2. Which Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale figure sits by the waterside in Copenhagen?
    The Little Mermaid

  3. What is the pen name of David Cornwell?
    John Le Carré

  4. Who wrote the novel 'Lucky Jim?
    Kingsley Amis

  5. Which 16th century English dramatist wrote 'The Spanish Tragedy?'
    Thomas Kyd

  6. In Shakespeare's "Hamlet," which flower is said to be "for thoughts?"

  7. Which Irish author wrote The Old Boys and The Ballroom of Romance?
    William Trevor
    Published 1964, 1972 respectively

  8. What Shakespeare play is set on January 5th?
    "Twelfth Night" (aka "What you will")

  9. Who wrote Fahrenheit 451 and I Sing the Body Electric?
    Ray Bradbury
    Published 1953 and 1969 respectively

  10. Which American author wrote 'The Red Badge of Courage?'
    Stephen Crane
    Serialised 1894, published 1895