Pub quiz questions

  1. What European capital was dubbed the City of Light in the 19th century?

  2. What name is given to the ancient Christian and Jewish underground burial chambers in and around Rome?

  3. On the London Underground, what colour is the District line?
    (Dark) green

  4. Which island was actor Errol Flynn born on?

  5. Which saint's winged lion is the symbol of Venice?
    Saint Mark's

  6. Quito is the capital of which country?

  7. Which London tourist attraction's famous fourth plinth became the site for Marc Quinn's sculpture of naked and pregnant Alison Lapper in 2005?
    Trafalgar Square

  8. Which country replaces the Italian men's rugby team in the Women's Six Nations championship?

  9. On the London underground, which line is coloured red?

  10. Which very small race of people were the first ethnic group to inhabit Gabon?