Pub quiz questions

  1. Which exotic bloom is the national flower of Singapore?

  2. Which beer shares its name with the river that runs through Amsterdam?

  3. What does a dirty Turk know as a "bamam"?
    Turkish Bath

  4. Which country's name means 'Fragrant Harbour?'
    Hong Kong

  5. What island's Argentinian section is the worlds' most southerly National Park?
    Tierra del Fuego

  6. Which island boasts of being Napoleon's birthplace?

  7. In which English county is the town of Woking?

  8. How many times is Britain mentioned in the anthem 'God Save the Queen'
    in the 5th and final verse

  9. Of which European country is Piraeus the chief port?

  10. From the hue of which tree do the Blue Mountains in Australia receive their name?
    Eucalyptus trees