Pub quiz questions

  1. What did the Irish spend before they had the euro?

  2. Which two London Boroughs begin with E?
    Ealing, Enfield

  3. Which five districts make up New York?
    Brooklyn, Richmond, Manhattan, Queens, Bronx

  4. What is the second largest of the Great Lakes by surface area?
    Lake Huron
    It's third by volume - Lake Michigan is second by volume

  5. What is the official language of Egypt?

  6. Which artist's garden attracts tourists to Giverny in France?
    Claude Monet's
    Geography(5) Art(5)

  7. Which island off the coast of India boasts the largest subspecies of Asian Elephan?
    Sri Lanka

  8. Which European country was Ayatollah Khomeini's home for the final years of his exile?

  9. Chapatti is an item from which country's cuisine?

  10. Which of America's original 13 states took its name from Elizabeth I?