Pub quiz questions

  1. What is the alternative name for Apsley house, the residence of the Duke of Wellington?
    Number One, London

  2. What does the DC in Washington DC stand for?
    District of Columbia

  3. Which national Park's north western section sits between Borrowdale and Buttermere?
    The Lake District's

  4. Which British castle is said to include columns from the Roman city of Leptic Magna in Libya?
    Windsor Castle

  5. Which artist's garden attracts tourists to Giverny in France?
    Claude Monet's
    Geography(5) Art(5)

  6. Which greek island was the centre of the Minoan civilisation?

  7. What is Uganda's main export?

  8. What is the capital of Uganda, known as the city of seven hills, even though it now covers more than 20?

  9. What kind of drum shares its name with the man who became President of the Gabonese Republic in 1967?

  10. Which saint's winged lion is the symbol of Venice?
    Saint Mark's