Pub quiz questions

  1. Who became Prime Minister of Cuba in 1959?
    Fidel Castro

  2. What does Caerphilly's ancient castle have that people travel all over the way to Pisa to see?
    A leaning tower

  3. Which European country was Ayatollah Khomeini's home for the final years of his exile?

  4. What country did the Romans call Hibernia?

  5. Which New York location is popularly called the Crossroads of the World?
    Times Square

  6. What is the colourful English name for Amsterdam's De Wallen (pron. 'de vullen') area?
    Red Light District

  7. What is the capital of Tunisia?

  8. On which coast of Scotland is Dundee?

  9. What is the most famous drink from Jamaica's Blue Mountains?

  10. What is the highest fell in the Lake District?
    Seafell Pike