Pub quiz questions

  1. Which government building can be found on Regent Street in Gateshead?
    Civic Center

  2. Who founded a hospital at Labarene, Gabon, in 1913?
    Albert Schweitzer

  3. Which country did train robber Ronnie Biggs move to when police discovered his Australian address?

  4. Which city's major station is New Street?

  5. What might appear on a Chinese menu as 'fragrant meat?'

  6. What links Kuwait, Luxembourg, Panama, Guatemala and Mexico?
    Capital cities that share the name of the country they're in.

  7. What would a Bangladeshi man do with his lungi?
    Wear it
    It's also known as a sarong, and it's worn like a skirt

  8. Which county lies between Norfolk and Essex?

  9. What is the traditional colour of Venetian gondolas?

  10. Which country is the world's largest supplier of wool?