Pub quiz questions

  1. From which country does the band A-Ha come from?
    Formed 1982

  2. What name is given to the hunters and gatherers who inhabited Australia before European settlement?

  3. In which part of the UK is Newry?
    Northern Ireland

  4. On which island are Shanklin and Sandown?
    Isle of Wight

  5. Which country's President kicked up a fuss when a Spanish version of its national anthem was recorded in 2006?
    It was George W. Bush

  6. Who is the US state of Virginia named after?
    Queen Elizabeth I
    From 'The Virgin Queen'

  7. What is the largest city on the eastern side of the River Mersey?

  8. What European capital was dubbed the City of Light in the 19th century?

  9. What city was the 1992 treaty that established the provision for the euro signed in?

  10. How many months were participating countries given to change over from their own currency to the euro in 2002?
    Two months