Pub quiz questions

  1. What is Kampuchea now called?

  2. Which New York City building is named after something you could smooth your clothes with?
    The Flatiron Building

  3. Which road leads from Trafalgar Square up to Buckingham Palace?
    The Mall

  4. What word beginning with M describes the old town or market in a Tunisian city?

  5. What famous explorer was married to Felipa Perestrello e Moniz and had a son called Diego?
    Christopher Columbus

  6. Which town did Charles Dickens describe as "the dullest and most stupid spot on the face of the earth?"

  7. Which ancient monument, close to the Pyramids of Giza, is said to have been partly formed by natural erosion?
    The Spinx

  8. Which nation hosted the ENC World Cup Golf Trophy in 2002?
    Geography(4) Golf(4) 2000s(4)

  9. What does Norway provide for Trafalgar Square every Christmas
    A Christmas Tree

  10. What is the most widely spoken European language in Paraguay?