Pub quiz questions

  1. Film
    Blades of Glory

  2. the "Likely Lads" was reprised in 2002 by which TV presenting duo?
    Ant and Dec

  3. Which comedian was removed from "Hell's Kitchen" on day 10 in the 2007 series and why?
    Jim Davidson for "making highly offensive remarks"

  4. Which 1995 Oasis offering spent three years on the album chart?
    (What's the Story) Morning Glory

  5. In the film Casablanca, what is the name of the bar?

  6. In which fictional town did "the Flintstones" live?

  7. Which of the Spice Girls was the first to go solo?
    Geri Halliwell/Ginger Spice
    Went solo in 1998

  8. American actress, director and model who played Gertie in E.T.
    Drew Barrymore

  9. Aug '11, Paul Daniels took himself to hospital after being attacked by which fellow entertainer?
    Daniels got hit in the eye with a bit of pizza that was meant to be thrown

  10. Which rock start is Tony Blair said to have modelled himself on during his schooldays?
    Mick Jagger