Pub quiz questions

  1. American actor, star of Moonlighting
    Bruce Willis

  2. What was Elton John's real name?
    Reginald Dwight

  3. Which Hollyoaks family consists of Jackie, Mercedes, Carmel, Tina, John-Paul and Michaela?
    The McQueen's

  4. Which musical instrument does Sherlock Holmes play for relaxation?

  5. Character/Show
    Dangermouse, Dangermouse
    1981 to 1992

  6. Which song reached no.1 in 1990 for the Steve Miller Band after it was used in a Levi Jeans commercial?
    The Joker

  7. Which character was played by Lacey Turner in Eastenders?
    Stacey Slater

  8. In which soap did Dave Glover perish in a fire?

  9. Which leader of the Soviet Union was depicted on 'Spitting Image' with a hammer and sickle birthmark on his head?
    Mikhail Gorbachev

  10. Which composer of the Rite of Spring was still alive to see his music used in Disney's Fantasia?
    Igor Stravinsky