Pub quiz questions

  1. In 1995, Kim Wilde appeared in a production of which rock musical in London's West End?

  2. Which actor was Bruce Almighty in 2003?
    Jim Carrey

  3. Which young pop star's perfume was sold with the slogan: 'Do you dare?'
    Britney Speares

  4. Who did Kermit the Frog unwittingly marry in 'The Muppets Take Manhattan?'
    Miss Piggy

  5. Which Major Cornish Tourist Attraction became an ice palace for the Bond movie 'Die another Day?'
    The Eden Project

  6. Who was the female star in the films "Top Gun" and "Witness?"
    Kelly McGillis

  7. Adam Yauch, who used Nathanial Hörnblowér as a pseudonum, died at age 47 from cancer. Which well-known hip-hop group did he found in 1979?
    Beastie Boys

  8. Which Irish actor played George Adamson in the film To Walk With Lions?
    Richard Harris

  9. Which Wings album includes the song 'Picasso's Last Words (Drink to me?)'
    Band on the Run

  10. In 1978, the BBC began broadcasting from which of the Houses of Parliament?
    House of Commons
    On the radio only