Pub quiz questions

  1. What links Cal Trask, Jim Start, Jett Rink (and no-one else?)
    Film roles of James Dean
    East of Eden, Rebel Without a Cause, Giant

  2. Character/Show
    Zelda, Terrahawks

  3. What does Shawntel confess she wants to be, to the disgust of her redneck husband in 'Jerry Springer: The Opera?'
    Pole Dancer

  4. What connects The Lost Weekend, Under the Volcano, Leaving Las Vegas, When A Man Loves A Woman?
    Films with an alcoholism theme

  5. Who played 'God Save the Queen' from the roof of Buckingham Palace during the Golden Jubilee celebrations?
    Brian May

  6. On 4 May 1985, Phyllis Nelson had a UK one hit wonder with which single?
    "Move Closer"
    Her album was also a hit, but follow-up single "I Like You" fell just short of the Official Top 75 chart, peaking at #81.

  7. What is Phil and Kathy Mitchell's son called?

  8. What nationality is The Muppet Show chef?

  9. Which UK number 1 song featured as the sountrack in the 1986 film Top Gun?
    "Take my Breath Away"
    By Berlin

  10. What colour is Shrek?
    2001,2004, 2007, 2010