Pub quiz questions

  1. On 17 August 1968, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown had a UK one hit wonder with which single?
    The group did score a hit (self-titled) album, but neither the band nor Arthur Brown in his own right managed to secure another placing in the singles chart.

  2. Which US TV show host became the subject of a musical?
    Jerry Springer

  3. Character/Show
    Red Fraggle, Fraggle Rock

  4. What cartoon series displayed a counter to show it used the word 'shit' 162 times in one episode?
    South Park

  5. Film
    Ace Ventura, Pet Dectective

  6. In Coronation Street, what animals did Jack Duckworth famously keep in his back yard?
    1979, 1981–2010

  7. Why were the two eldest two Osmond siblings never in the band?
    George and Thomas Osmond were both born deaf
    Started 1958

  8. Which disco dance craze involved using your arms to spell out the four-letter title of a Village People hit?
    The YMCA

  9. Who plays the character of Mr. Spock in the Star Trek TV series?
    Leonard Nimoy

  10. Paul McCartney always uses his middle name (Paul), but what's his first name?