Pub quiz questions

  1. Whose seaplane was nicknamed "The Spruce Goose?"
    Howard Hughes

  2. Which of Sir Ernest Shackleton's ships failed to live up to its name when it was crushed by Antarctic ice in 1915?
    History(6) 1910s(6)

  3. What yachting event was first held in conjunction with the Great Exhibition of 1851?
    The America's Cup

  4. Which Italian city did Christopher Columbus claim he was born in?

  5. What were ancient Egyptian pyramid builders given three times a day as part of their wages?
    History(6) Drink(3)

  6. What religion was introduced to Japan in the mid-6th century?

  7. Who was the second wife of Henry VIII?
    Anne Boleyn

  8. Which modern country includes the ancient region of Mesopotamia?

  9. Which game, played with a prolate spheroid, is said to have been invented when William Webb Ellis 'took the ball in his arms and ran?'

  10. Who ruled England between February 839 – 856
    Æthelwulf (Æþelwulf)