Pub quiz questions

  1. Where did the Great Fire of London break out in 1666?
    Baker's shop in Pudding Lane

  2. Who designed the first ever Christmas Card?
    John Callcott Horsley

  3. Which of the Ancient Seven Wonders of the World was situated approximately 50km(30mi) south of modern Baghdad?
    The Hanging Garden's of Babylon

  4. What macabre job brought fame to James Berry and Albert Pierrepoint?
    Hangman/Public executioner
    History(2) Crime(2)

  5. Which geological fault caused the San Francisco earthquake in 1906?
    The San Andreas fault

  6. Who ruled England between January 1066 – October 1066
    Harold Godwinson (Harold Godwinesson)

  7. Who was Jimmy Carter's Vice-President?
    Walter (Fritz) Mondale

  8. What is the name for a US ranch hand has come to mean a tradesman who botches his jobs?

  9. Which famous Scottish golf club boasts the Ladies Putting Club, the world's oldest miniature golf course?
    St. Andrew's
    History(3) Sports(3) Golf(3)

  10. Which plilosopher's sister founded an Aryan colony in Paraguay?
    Friedrich Nietzsche
    Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche. Colony, called Nueva Germania, founded 1887, and still exists