Pub quiz questions

  1. Which liquid did Swiss candle maker Daniel Peter first add to chocolate in 1867?
    History(6) Drink(6)

  2. Who was King of Britain from 29 January 1820 – 26 June 1830?
    George IV

  3. What Roman road linked London to Wroxeter?
    Watling Street

  4. What colour suits are associated with Japanese Ninja?

  5. Which battle saw the final defeat of Napoleon?

  6. In what year did Roger Bannister first break the "4-minute mile?"
    1950s(4) History(5) Sports(4)

  7. Which famous embroidery includes the Battle of Hastings?
    The Bayeux Tapestry

  8. Which Canadian city boasts the world's richest rodeo which was first staged in 1912?

  9. What had 1,919 people reached the top of by the end of 2003?
    Mount Everest

  10. What was the world's tallest contruction, 1884-1889?
    Washington Monument