Pub quiz questions

  1. How many voyages had Titanic completed when it hit an iceberg and sank in 1912?
    It was her maiden voyage

  2. Which exhibition made a profit that helped fund the Science, Natural History and Victoria and Albert Museums?
    The Great Exhibition

  3. Which is the only remaining example of The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World?
    The Great Pyramid

  4. What car stoppers were first patented in Birmingham in the late 19th century?
    Disk brakes

  5. Who ruled England between August 1422 – March 1461
    Henry VI (first reign)

  6. What was the nickname of spy Harold Philby?
    Harold Adrian Russell "Kim" Philby (1 January 1912 – 11 May 1988)

  7. What macabre job brought fame to James Berry and Albert Pierrepoint?
    Hangman/Public executioner
    History(2) Crime(2)

  8. Who ruled England between April 1483 – June 1483
    Edward V

  9. Who ruled England between July 1553 – November 1558
    Mary I/Bloody Mary, and Philip [Jure uxoris]/Phillip I of Naples

  10. Which battle saw the final defeat of Napoleon?