Pub quiz questions

  1. Who was flying the U2 spy plane shot down over the Soviet Union in 1960?
    Francis Gary Powers

  2. Which European country was the site for the Battle of Waterloo?

  3. Which was the first city to be devastated by the dropping of an atomic bomb?

  4. What was the original name of Sir Francis Drake's flagship The Golden Hind?
    The Pelican

  5. What was the name of Jacques Cousteau's most famous research vessel?

  6. What was Jack Mills driving to make headline news in 1963?
    A train
    History(4) 1960s(4)
    The Great Train Robbery

  7. What macabre job brought fame to James Berry and Albert Pierrepoint?
    Hangman/Public executioner
    History(2) Crime(2)

  8. What were postmen more commonly known as in Victorian England?
    Because of their red uniforms

  9. Which titled military leader became Tory Prime Minister in 1928?
    The Duke of Wellington

  10. Who designed the first ever Christmas Card?
    John Callcott Horsley