Pub quiz questions

  1. What musical's characters include Not Dead Fred, Tim the Enchanter and The French Taunter?

  2. What was Ringo Star's real name
    Richard Starky

  3. Which band had a hit album called 'Ghost in the Machine?'
    The Police

  4. In the 80s, who had a number one hit with 'One Moment in Time?'
    Whitney Houston

  5. Which Eminem chart-topper sampled Dido's 'Thank You?'

  6. Which band's greatest hits include 'Sweet Child o'Mine' and 'November Rain?'

  7. 'Mambo no. 5' was a hit for which singer in 1999?
    Lou Bega

  8. Which band consists of Frank Bear, Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill?
    ZZ Top

  9. What was the foolish name of Squeeze's 1995 album?

  10. "When you say nothing at all," was a hit for Ronan Keating in which year?