Pub quiz questions

  1. What instrument is played by the leader of an orchestra?
    Music(6) Art(6)

  2. Which early oasis track riff did noel Gallagher admit taking directly from T-Rex's 'Get It On?'
    Cigarettes and Alcohol

  3. Which rock star was Bob Geldof's Live Aid co-organiser?
    Midge Ure

  4. On 21 February 1981, Joe Dolce Music Theatre had a UK one hit wonder with which single?
    "Shaddap You Face"
    Novelty song, now notoriously known for keeping Ultravox's hit "Vienna" from reaching the #1 spot.

  5. Which singer had hits in 2003 with "1973" and "Same Mistake?"
    James Blunt

  6. Which Pop Idol winner has released songs such as "Grace," All Time Love" and "Evergreen?"
    Will Young

  7. In the Twelve days of Christmas, nine ladies dancing were given, representing the nine fruits of the holy spirit - what are they?
    Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control

  8. Who was born Madonna Louise Ciccone; a female singer?

  9. Mark Almond was the lead singer for which band in the 1980s?
    Soft Cell

  10. On 23 August 1958, The Kalin Twins had a UK one hit wonder with which single?
    It was heavily suggested that their song "Forget Me Not" be issued as a follow up, however this was not pursued. The Kalin Twins remain the only one-hit wonder male siblings (composed of twin brothers).