Pub quiz questions

  1. Who rocked on into his 60s after once claiming he didn't want to be "still singing 'Satisfaction' at the age of 40?"
    Mick Jagger

  2. What does the musical term largo mean?
    Music(1) Leisure(1)

  3. Who co-wrote most of the Beatles' songs with Paul McCartney?
    John Lennon

  4. What is the name of the Crowded House's only UK Top Ten single?
    Weather with You

  5. With which instruments was Gene Krupa associated?

  6. On 23 August 1958, The Kalin Twins had a UK one hit wonder with which single?
    It was heavily suggested that their song "Forget Me Not" be issued as a follow up, however this was not pursued. The Kalin Twins remain the only one-hit wonder male siblings (composed of twin brothers).

  7. Which UK number 1 song featured as the sountrack in the 1986 film Top Gun?
    "Take my Breath Away"
    By Berlin

  8. Who, born Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, a singer/songwriter, was a member of The Police?

  9. Who reached the number 1 spot in 2004 with her song "These Words"?
    Natasha Bedingfield

  10. Which country was the birthplace of two of the Three Tenors?
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