Pub quiz questions

  1. Name the footballer
    Ryan Giggs
    Popularly associated with Imogen Thomas regarding a super injunction

  2. Who has a backing group called "The Waves"?

  3. What is Yuri Gagarin said to have done after leaving the bus just prior to the first space flight that has become a tradition with Russian cosmonauts?
    Urinated on its wheel
    12 April 1961

  4. Who asked a Scottish driving instructor 'How do you keep the natives off the booze long enough to pass the test?'
    Prince Phillip

  5. Who was Bernie Taupin's most famous songwriting partner?
    Elton John

  6. How is Rocco Marchegiano better known?
    Rocky Marciano
    Sports(2) Boxing(1) People(4) Names(5)

  7. Who did Richard Nixon pass on to Gerald Ford as US Secretary of State?
    Henry Kissinger

  8. Who, in 1999, became the second President of the Russian Federation?
    Vladimir Putin

  9. Name the judge
    Mr Justice (David) Eady

  10. Name the judge
    Mr Justice (Michael George) Tugendhat