Pub quiz questions

  1. What was the full legal surname of Winston Churchill?

  2. Who married Patsy Kensit in April 1997?
    Liam Gallagher

  3. What nationality was Roald Dahl?

  4. Which Queen spent most of her later life wearing black in mourning for her husband?
    Queen Victoria

  5. What was the popular nickname given to Daniel Hooper, and anti-road campaigner in 1997?
    People(6) 1990s(6)

  6. What city did Yasser Arafat die in?

  7. Who was already the husband of Octavia Minor when he married Cleopatra?
    Mark Antony

  8. Which country did Osama bin Laden head for when expelled from Sudan?

  9. Name the presenter
    Gabby Logan
    Rumoured to have been party to a super-injunction with Alan Shearer

  10. Name the journalist/food critic
    Giles Coren
    Journalist who 'outed' Gareth Barry as one of the footballers with a super injunction