Pub quiz questions

  1. Who was the lead singer with Culture Club?
    Boy George (George Alan O'Dowd)

  2. Name the singer
    Howard Donald
    Out of Take That. Had a super injunction against an ex girlfriend

  3. Who has 'farty pants,' according to the 509th edition of South Park?
    Osama bin Laden

  4. What nationality was Roald Dahl?

  5. Name the writer and campaigner
    Jemima Khan
    Denied vociferously there was an injunction involving her and Clarkson

  6. Which sensitive creature complained that the milk float outside the Legoland model of nearby Windsor Castle was delivering to the wrong door?
    Prince Phillip

  7. What is by far the best known invention of Peace Prize founder Alfred Nobel?

  8. Who divorced Margaret Kempson in 1948 and married Margaret Roberts in 1951?
    Denis Thatcher

  9. Which Prince spent £325,000 of public money in one year hiring planes and helicopters including flights to St Andrews golf course?
    Prince Andrew
    People(1) Sports(1) Golf(1) Royalty(1)

  10. Name the judge
    Mr Justice (David) Eady