Pub quiz questions

  1. Which brewery became sponsors of the Football League Cup in 2003?

  2. Starting off at a base level of 1000, in what year did the FTSE start?
    Tues 3 January 1984

  3. What was the popular name for the European Economic Community?
    The Common Market

  4. Who was the chancellor of the Exchequer from 1979 to 1983?
    Geoffrey Howe

  5. Established in 1960 which organisation has the acronym EFTA?
    European Free Trade Association

  6. Company

  7. Which US high street chain is named after a the chief-mate in Moby Dick?
    Opened March 30, 1971

  8. What is the most famous product from Murano, Venice?

  9. Which American airline was the first to order Boeing 747s?
    Pan Am

  10. What is the first name of Gianni Versace's sister who took control of the business after his death in 1997?
    Business(6) Art(6) 1990s(6)