Pub quiz questions

  1. Emma Jackson in Home and Away
    Dannii Minogue

  2. His Apple had pancreatic cancer
    Steve Jobs

  3. Jane Tennison - Prime Suspect
    Helen Mirren

  4. Wilbur Force in the 1960 Little Shop of Horrors
    Jack Nickolson

  5. Prolific American stage and screen actor who's starred in over 100 film and tv shows
    Christopher Walken

  6. American singer/actress who won Best Actress Oscar in 1969 for "Funny Girl"
    Barbra Streisand

  7. Katy kissed a boy, and she didn't like him
    Russel Brand

  8. Politician
    Tony Blair

  9. Bella Swan in Twilight
    Kristen Stewart

  10. King Louis XIV
    Leonardo DiCaprio