Pub quiz questions

  1. Dr Kimble in the 1993 The Fugitive
    Harrison Ford

  2. Paul & Pauline Calf
    Steve Coogan

  3. Bella Swan in Twilight
    Kristen Stewart

  4. Twice appeared nude on the cover of Vanity Fair.
    Demi Moore
    She was 7 months pregnant when she appeared on the cover in 1991 the first time.

  5. Jacob Black the Werewolf
    Taylor Lautner

  6. Link Larkin (2007)
    Zac Efron

  7. Can you tell who it is yet?
    Rolf Harris

  8. Wilbur Force in the 1960 Little Shop of Horrors
    Jack Nickolson

  9. Kenny Larkin in Neighbours
    Russel Crowe

  10. Jude wasn't impressed
    Sadie Frost