Pub quiz questions

  1. What connects Lord of The Isles, Earl of Chester, Duke of Rothesay, Baron of Renfrew?
    Titles held by Prince Charles

  2. What connects White(4), Ebdon, Bond, Williams?
    Defeated by Stephen Hendry in world snooker finals

  3. What links cleave, to bolt, oversight, model, to lease, impregnable, to scan?
    They're Autoantonyms - words that have two opposite meanings
    cleave: 'to cling' 'to split', bolt: 'leave quickly' 'fixed, oversight: 'supervision' 'to miss something', model: 'archetype' 'copy', to lease: 'to loan (for money)' 'to borrow (for money)' impregnable: 'not pregnable' 'capable of being impregnated', scan: 'examine closely' 'look over hastily'

  4. What links Magna Carta, D'Oyly Carte, Swan, Eel Pie, Pharaoh's, Corporation?
    Islands in the river Thames

  5. What connects Phil Collins, Mariah Carey and Westlife, Steve Brookstein?
    Had hits with 'Against All Odds'

  6. What connects Sir William Heseltine, Sir Alan Lascelles, Sir Robert Fellowes?
    Private Secretaries to the Queen

  7. What unfortunate event connects Henry VIII and George V?
    The death of an older brother resulted in their accession to the throne

  8. What links The West, America, Mexico, The Midlands, Anatolia?
    'Once Upon a Time in ...' films

  9. What connects labrador duck, carolina parakeet, heath hen, great auk, passenger pigeon?
    Extinct birds

  10. What connects Borneo, Timor, Hispaniola, New Guinea, Ireland, Isla Grande de Tierra Del Fuego?
    Islands divided by one or more international borders