Pub quiz questions

  1. What links Sukhavati, Vaikuntha, Jannah, Olam Haba?
    Various heavens/afterlives.
    Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism

  2. What links Jack Nicholson, Ingrid Bergman, Walter Brennan, Meryl Streep?
    Won three acting Oscars

  3. What links tern, skua, hare, wolf, fox?
    Animals with 'arctic' species or subspecies

  4. What links Alphage, Thomas Becket, Simon Sudbury, Thomas Cranmer and William Laud?
    Archbishops of Canterbury who suffered violent deaths

  5. What links Don Walsh and Jacques Piccard 1960, James Cameron 2012?
    Reched the bottom of the Mariana Trench in the Pacific

  6. What links cleave, to bolt, oversight, model, to lease, impregnable, to scan?
    They're Autoantonyms - words that have two opposite meanings
    cleave: 'to cling' 'to split', bolt: 'leave quickly' 'fixed, oversight: 'supervision' 'to miss something', model: 'archetype' 'copy', to lease: 'to loan (for money)' 'to borrow (for money)' impregnable: 'not pregnable' 'capable of being impregnated', scan: 'examine closely' 'look over hastily'

  7. What connects 661 set off, 113 killed, 134 wounded, 45 taken prisoner, 362 horses lost?
    Charge of the Light Brigade statistics

  8. What connects Robot, Castrovalva, The Twin Dilemma, Tine and the Rani?
    First Doctor Who stories for the respective actors
    Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy

  9. What links Magna Carta, D'Oyly Carte, Swan, Eel Pie, Pharaoh's, Corporation?
    Islands in the river Thames

  10. What connects The Lost Weekend, Under the Volcano, Leaving Las Vegas, When A Man Loves A Woman?
    Films with an alcoholism theme