Pub quiz questions

  1. What connects Chepstow and Queensferry, over 870 miles?
    The new Wales Coast Path

  2. What links Eliste soldiers of the Achaemenid Empire and members of l'Académie Française?
    Known as 'Immortals'

  3. What links spearing, slashing, butt-ending and cross-checking?
    Ice Hockey (infringements)

  4. What links Overton Hill, Wiltshire and Ivinghoe Beacon, Buckinhamshire?
    Ridgeway National Trail

  5. What connects Robot, Castrovalva, The Twin Dilemma, Tine and the Rani?
    First Doctor Who stories for the respective actors
    Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy

  6. What links Kuwait, Luxembourg, Panama, Guatemala and Mexico?
    Capital cities that share the name of the country they're in.

  7. What connects Battery, Briant, Morningside, Marcus Garvey, Bramercy, Central?
    Parks in Manhattan

  8. What links tern, skua, hare, wolf, fox?
    Animals with 'arctic' species or subspecies

  9. What links Alphage, Thomas Becket, Simon Sudbury, Thomas Cranmer and William Laud?
    Archbishops of Canterbury who suffered violent deaths

  10. What links Rock - Cleveland, baseball - Cooperstown, pro-football - Canton, country music - Nashville?
    US Halls of Fame