Pub quiz questions

  1. What links Green, Blue, Red and Black in order of increasing difficulty?
    The four grades of ski slopes in Europe

  2. What links Betty Draper, the Home Secretary (May 2010-), Dot Cotton and Kid Creole?
    January (Jones), (Theresa May), June (Brown), August (Darnell)

  3. What links the Holy Roman Empire, Germany in 1871-1918 and the Nazi regime?
    Three 'Reichs'

  4. What connects Battery, Briant, Morningside, Marcus Garvey, Bramercy, Central?
    Parks in Manhattan

  5. What links Alphage, Thomas Becket, Simon Sudbury, Thomas Cranmer and William Laud?
    Archbishops of Canterbury who suffered violent deaths

  6. What connects White(4), Ebdon, Bond, Williams?
    Defeated by Stephen Hendry in world snooker finals

  7. What connects Marc Quinn's Alison Lapper Pregnant, Schütte's Model For A Hotel 2007, Shonibare's Nelson's Ship In A Bottle?
    Artworks on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square

  8. What links cleave, to bolt, oversight, model, to lease, impregnable, to scan?
    They're Autoantonyms - words that have two opposite meanings
    cleave: 'to cling' 'to split', bolt: 'leave quickly' 'fixed, oversight: 'supervision' 'to miss something', model: 'archetype' 'copy', to lease: 'to loan (for money)' 'to borrow (for money)' impregnable: 'not pregnable' 'capable of being impregnated', scan: 'examine closely' 'look over hastily'

  9. What connects labrador duck, carolina parakeet, heath hen, great auk, passenger pigeon?
    Extinct birds

  10. What links The West, America, Mexico, The Midlands, Anatolia?
    'Once Upon a Time in ...' films