Pub quiz questions

  1. What links Magna Carta, D'Oyly Carte, Swan, Eel Pie, Pharaoh's, Corporation?
    Islands in the river Thames

  2. What links Sukhavati, Vaikuntha, Jannah, Olam Haba?
    Various heavens/afterlives.
    Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism

  3. What links Glasgow Hillhead, Glasgow Kelvin, Bethnal Green and Bow, and Bradford West?
    George Galloway's seats in the Commons.
    1987-97, 1997-2005, 2005-2010, 2012-

  4. What connects Marc Quinn's Alison Lapper Pregnant, Schütte's Model For A Hotel 2007, Shonibare's Nelson's Ship In A Bottle?
    Artworks on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square

  5. What links Julius Cæsar, Prince Edward and Henry VI, King Hamlet, and Banquo?
    Ghosts in Shakespeare plays

  6. What links parasitic flatworm, piece of luck, whale tail, anchor part?

  7. What connects Lord of The Isles, Earl of Chester, Duke of Rothesay, Baron of Renfrew?
    Titles held by Prince Charles

  8. What links spearing, slashing, butt-ending and cross-checking?
    Ice Hockey (infringements)

  9. What links Rock - Cleveland, baseball - Cooperstown, pro-football - Canton, country music - Nashville?
    US Halls of Fame

  10. What connects The Lost Weekend, Under the Volcano, Leaving Las Vegas, When A Man Loves A Woman?
    Films with an alcoholism theme