Pub quiz questions

  1. What links Sterling's Gold by Roger Sterling and Fly Fishing by J.R. Hartley?
    Real books that started out as fictional memoirs
    TV Series Mad Men (published 2010,) Yellow Pages advert (published 1991)

  2. What connects Robot, Castrovalva, The Twin Dilemma, Tine and the Rani?
    First Doctor Who stories for the respective actors
    Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy

  3. What connects Thames House and Vauxhall Cross?
    British Intelligence HQ's
    MI5, MI6

  4. What links Rock - Cleveland, baseball - Cooperstown, pro-football - Canton, country music - Nashville?
    US Halls of Fame

  5. What links The Voice, Deal Or No Deal, Big Brother?
    TV formats originating in the Netherlands

  6. What links Sukhavati, Vaikuntha, Jannah, Olam Haba?
    Various heavens/afterlives.
    Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism

  7. What links Eliste soldiers of the Achaemenid Empire and members of l'Académie Française?
    Known as 'Immortals'

  8. What links Piel de sapo, gwanipa, charentais, falia and cantaloupe?
    Varieties of melon

  9. What connects labrador duck, carolina parakeet, heath hen, great auk, passenger pigeon?
    Extinct birds

  10. What connects Phil Collins, Mariah Carey and Westlife, Steve Brookstein?
    Had hits with 'Against All Odds'