Pub quiz questions

  1. What connects Battery, Briant, Morningside, Marcus Garvey, Bramercy, Central?
    Parks in Manhattan

  2. What connects Michel Bégon, George Kamel, Anders Dahl, Alexander Garden?
    Flowers named after them
    Begonia, camellia, dahlia, gardenia

  3. What links Fierce, Extreme and Survivor, I Am Ozzy, 21 Years Gone?
    Autobiographies of the Osbourne family
    Kelly, Sharon, Ozzy, Jack

  4. What links Piel de sapo, gwanipa, charentais, falia and cantaloupe?
    Varieties of melon

  5. What connects Borneo, Timor, Hispaniola, New Guinea, Ireland, Isla Grande de Tierra Del Fuego?
    Islands divided by one or more international borders

  6. What links Eliste soldiers of the Achaemenid Empire and members of l'Académie Française?
    Known as 'Immortals'

  7. What connects Marc Quinn's Alison Lapper Pregnant, Schütte's Model For A Hotel 2007, Shonibare's Nelson's Ship In A Bottle?
    Artworks on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square

  8. What connects San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean?
    Golden Gate strait

  9. What connects Emma, Linnet, Holly, Monty, Willow?
    Names of the Queen's corgis

  10. What links Overton Hill, Wiltshire and Ivinghoe Beacon, Buckinhamshire?
    Ridgeway National Trail