Pub quiz questions

  1. What connects Battery, Briant, Morningside, Marcus Garvey, Bramercy, Central?
    Parks in Manhattan

  2. What links Kuwait, Luxembourg, Panama, Guatemala and Mexico?
    Capital cities that share the name of the country they're in.

  3. What connects Borneo, Timor, Hispaniola, New Guinea, Ireland, Isla Grande de Tierra Del Fuego?
    Islands divided by one or more international borders

  4. What connects Emma, Linnet, Holly, Monty, Willow?
    Names of the Queen's corgis

  5. What links Jack Nicholson, Ingrid Bergman, Walter Brennan, Meryl Streep?
    Won three acting Oscars

  6. What links tern, skua, hare, wolf, fox?
    Animals with 'arctic' species or subspecies

  7. What links cleave, to bolt, oversight, model, to lease, impregnable, to scan?
    They're Autoantonyms - words that have two opposite meanings
    cleave: 'to cling' 'to split', bolt: 'leave quickly' 'fixed, oversight: 'supervision' 'to miss something', model: 'archetype' 'copy', to lease: 'to loan (for money)' 'to borrow (for money)' impregnable: 'not pregnable' 'capable of being impregnated', scan: 'examine closely' 'look over hastily'

  8. What connects £6.08, £4.98, £3.68?
    UK national minimum wage rates for 21+, 18-20, 16-17

  9. What links spearing, slashing, butt-ending and cross-checking?
    Ice Hockey (infringements)

  10. What connects San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean?
    Golden Gate strait