Pub quiz questions

  1. In America they're called Graham Crackers. What are they called in the UK?
    Digestive biscuits

  2. Which member of the cat family is also called an ounce?
    Snow leopard

  3. What are "budgie smugglers" (mentioned in one of the Fosters Adverts in 2011)
    Tight swimming trunks.

  4. What is the name for a US ranch hand has come to mean a tradesman who botches his jobs?

  5. Other than the Queen's English, what language does Queen Elizabeth II speak fluently?

  6. Which country's city of Kairouan is said to have given us the word caravan, meaning a string of camels?

  7. What does a cartographer draw?

  8. What creature was described by the Romans as having the characteristics of a camel and a leopard?

  9. What is the common name for the fluid expelled from the body by the process of lacrimation?

  10. Famous Gurkha soldiers are known for carrying a particular type of large knife. What is the knife known as/called?
    A Kukri.