Pub quiz questions

  1. What is the plural of Poet Laureate?
    Poets Laureate

  2. What connects the herb fennel and Italian homosexuals?
    FANUK - short for finocchio, an Italian word for fennel and vernacular for a homosexual man.
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  3. What name is given to a hybrid formed by a cross between a false killer whale and a bottlenose dolphin?

  4. Which item of clothing takes its name from the Spanish word for "shade?"

  5. Which movie award appears in the International Radio Alphabet?

  6. What is the official language of Egypt?

  7. What sport has it's name abbreviated to BMX?
    Bicycle Moto-cross

  8. What word can follow 'light,' 'green,' and 'slaughter?'

  9. What is a scrimshaw?
    An object made by sailors, typically from whale teeth/bone/

  10. What name was given to the area between fighting fronts during World War II?
    No man's land