Pub quiz questions

  1. What is the usual British name for the breakfast disk referred to as 'blood sausage' on an American menu?
    Black pudding
    Language(2) Food(2)

  2. What does E stand for in relation to food additive E-numbers?

  3. What comes out of a hawsehole?
    Hawsers/Ships cable (used for mooring)

  4. What does a philatelist collect?

  5. Which Italian city is known as Firenze (pron:fi-ren-ze) in Italian?

  6. What is the opposite of "Deasil" (Otherwise known as Deosil)?
    Widdershins (or tuathal)

  7. Vermillion is a shade of which colour?

  8. Which unit of measurement appears in the International Radio Alphabet?

  9. In America they're called Graham Crackers. What are they called in the UK?
    Digestive biscuits

  10. What French river shares its name with a type of fishing net?