Pub quiz questions

  1. What nautical symbol appears on a Birmingham hallmark?

  2. Which US city is served by Harsfield International airport?

  3. Which motorway would you travel on from London to Cambridge?

  4. Which Cunard ocean liner was sunk by German torpedoes on 7 May 1915?
    RMS Lusitania
    History(7) Travel(7) 1910s(7)

  5. How many of the engines can a 747 pilot see from his cockpit window?
    None of them

  6. What is the only supersonic airline, other than Concorde, to have seen commercial service?
    Tupolev Tu-144 (NATO name: Charger)
    Passenger service 1977/8 - grounded after 55 scheduled flights

  7. Who made a contract with King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella entitling him to be appointed Viceroy and Governor of any new lands he discovered?
    Christopher Columbus

  8. What is the only company to have produced engines that held the world air, land and water speed records simultaneously?

  9. Charles de Gaulle airport is in which country?

  10. What did the Romans consider to be their most important road?
    Appian Way (Via Appia)