Pub quiz questions

  1. What was the first passenger jet larger than a 747?
    Airbus A380

  2. What was the name of Jacques Cousteau's most famous research vessel?

  3. Which Italian city did Christopher Columbus claim he was born in?

  4. Which American airline was the first to order Boeing 747s?
    Pan Am

  5. Who made a contract with King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella entitling him to be appointed Viceroy and Governor of any new lands he discovered?
    Christopher Columbus

  6. Originally known as Idlewild airport, what is it known as today?
    John F Kennedy International Airport
    Construction began in 1943, renamed to Major General Alexander E. Anderson Airport in 1944. renamed to New York International Airport, Anderson Field in 1948, renamed to JFK in 1963

  7. Which was the only airline other than British Airways to buy Concorde?
    Air France

  8. What is the common name for the Boeing 747?
    Jumbo Jet

  9. Ben Gurion airport is in which country?

  10. What is the only supersonic airline, other than Concorde, to have seen commercial service?
    Tupolev Tu-144 (NATO name: Charger)
    Passenger service 1977/8 - grounded after 55 scheduled flights