Pub quiz questions

  1. What is the only remaining classic clipper, which can be seen at Greenwich?
    Cutty Sark
    History(5) Travel(5) 1800s(5)

  2. Which country helped Italian investors support Columbus' expedition to the Americas after Portugal had turned him down?

  3. What airport did the first commercial Boeing 747 flight from JFK land at?
    London Heathrow

  4. Which was the only airline other than British Airways to buy Concorde?
    Air France

  5. How many pieces of webbing make up the belt in a standard three-point car seat belt?

  6. Which motorway stretches from the outskirts of London into Wales?

  7. Which city's major station is New Street?

  8. What item of car safety equipment is abbreviated to ABS?
    Anti-lock Breaking System

  9. Charles de Gaulle airport is in which country?

  10. In which city is Lime Street station and the Albert Dock?