Pub quiz questions

  1. September 2011 - which presenter of Top Gear has signed up with TomTom to be a new voice for their sat-navs?
    Jeremy Clarkson

  2. In the latest/Jul '11 assassination in Southern Afghanistan, the Mayor was killed by a suicide bomber with the bomb hidden where?
    In his turban

  3. The jury was picked today for the trial of Gary Dobson and David Norris, who both deny murdering who in 1993?
    Stephen Lawrence

  4. The Environment Agency has declared official drought zones in a further 17 English counties and said the shortages could last until when?
    Christmas or beyond

  5. Aug '11, Which weatherman said he should be to blame, not Michael Fish for dismissing the Great Storm of 1987?
    Bill Giles

  6. Which movie director went on a multi-million dollar deep sea dive to the deepest place on earth?
    James Cameron

  7. What is the name of the hurricane that hit the UK (in the middle of September '11)?

  8. What was the final score for the Manchester City v Sunderland match on Saturday?

  9. Who is delighted to be the father of Tinglan Hong's child?
    Hugh Grant

  10. Jenny Bessant, along with her husband and two kids, have been barred for life from The Nutley Arms in East Sussex, for suggesting that the landlord serve what?
    Diet/sugar-free Lemonade
    The landlord claims she was rude about it.