Pub quiz questions

  1. Jul '11, Jane Horrocks was quoted as saying "sometimes you can have rather a lot of chavs in, and that gets a bit scary." Which business was she talking about?
    She starred in Tesco adverts

  2. What's the name of the latest game show starring Ant and Dec which has seen the first two shows give away the jackpot prize?
    Red or Black

  3. Rebecca Leighton, the nurse arrested in connection with 5 deaths thought to be due to saline solution being contaminated with insulin, worked in which hospital?
    Stepping Hill, Stockport, Manchester

  4. Who was the last celebrity to join the 2011 I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, and is apparently the first one out after having an allergic reaction to something?
    Freddie Starr.

  5. What's the name of the Greek Prime Minister that is probably going to have to resign shortly?
    George Papandreou

  6. Indonesia's religious affairs minister has put forward a proposal to ban what, claiming they're pornographic?
    Mini skirts

  7. Which member of the Bee Gees is in a coma with pneumonia?
    Robin Gibb

  8. Aug '11, Paul Daniels took himself to hospital after being attacked by which fellow entertainer?
    Daniels got hit in the eye with a bit of pizza that was meant to be thrown

  9. What happened to North Korea's rocket within two minutes of it being launched?
    It exploded after 90 seconds and fell into the sea.

  10. Which comedian swam 140miles of the Thames for charity, raising nearly £1M (September 2011)
    David Walliams