Pub quiz questions

  1. (October '11) Gadaffi was killed in which Libyan city?

  2. Who is delighted to be the father of Tinglan Hong's child?
    Hugh Grant

  3. Nature Valley incorrectly stated that doubling the number of Granola bars in each pack increased the deliciousness by what percentage?

  4. Jul '11, Norwegian scientists have discovered that tree rings can be an inaccurate guide to climate change - what sort of natural phenomenon do they say makes them inaccurate?
    Grazing herbivores (sheep)

  5. Which country is David Cameron currently visiting?

  6. After 75 years of analogue TV transmission, BBC Director Greg Dyke turned off which transmitter in London?
    Crystal Palace

  7. Which author has finally announced the title of their new book about parish-council elections in an English market town called 'The Casual Vacancy.'
    JK Rowling

  8. Who won Celebrity Big Brother 2011?
    Paddy Doherty
    He is best known as one of the interviewed gypsies in My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding.

  9. GlaxoSmithKline announced (Oct '11) they had developed the first vaccine for which disease?

  10. Six crew members finally completed their 18 month voyage simulating a trip to mars in a car park in which country this week?