Pub quiz questions

  1. Name the politician
    Gordon Brown

  2. Which former US Secretary of State's glasses were found in a toilet by Homer Simpson?
    Henry Kissinger's

  3. In which month of 1945 were the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki?

  4. Which plilosopher's sister founded an Aryan colony in Paraguay?
    Friedrich Nietzsche
    Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche. Colony, called Nueva Germania, founded 1887, and still exists

  5. What title is given to the UK government minister who puts together the annual budget?
    Chancellor of the Exchequer

  6. Who was Bill Clinton's main competitor in the 1996 US Presidential election?
    Bob Dole

  7. Name the politician
    Nick Hurd

  8. Who did Richard Nixon pass on to Gerald Ford as US Secretary of State?
    Henry Kissinger

  9. Name the US president
    John Tyler

  10. Who's more articulate quotes include "I tell people, let's don't fear the future, let's shape it?"
    George W Bush's