Pub quiz questions

  1. Which notorious group is lead by Joseph Kony?
    Lords Resistance Army, Uganda

  2. What organisation kidnapped Terry Waite?
    Islamic Jihad Organization (Jihad for short)
    Kidnapped 1987, released 1991

  3. Sara Keays was the mistress of 12 years, and bore a child to, which Conservative politician, forcing him to resign in 1983 when she went public?
    Cecil Parkinson

  4. What did the Finns spend before they had the euro?
    Markka (marks)

  5. Name the politician
    David (not Ed) Miliband

  6. Which ex-Labour MP was arrested in 2012 in the Houses of Parliament and in 2013 in the House of Commons after getting drunk in the bars there?
    Eric Joyce

  7. Which city's MP, Ben Bradshaw, was the first to marry in a gay civil partnership ceremony?

  8. What name was given to the hanging bits of paper which confused American vite counters in 2000?

  9. Name the politician
    Harold Wilson

  10. Whose 2005 funeral was attended by five kings, four queens and 70 presidents and prime ministers?
    Pope John Paul II's
    Died 2005