Pub quiz questions

  1. Name the US president
    John Quincy Adams

  2. Name the politician
    Eric Pickles

  3. Aug'11, Which country's president was pictured trying to bend a frying pan?
    Russia (Putin)

  4. Name the US president
    Ronald Reagan

  5. What was Rajiv Gandhi's high-flying job before he turned to politics?
    Airline pilot

  6. Which leader of the Soviet Union was depicted on 'Spitting Image' with a hammer and sickle birthmark on his head?
    Mikhail Gorbachev

  7. Name the US president
    George H. W. Bush (Snr.)
    Politics(5) 1990s(5) 1980s(5)

  8. What did the Maltese spend before they had the euro?

  9. Which US President's disability resulted in the White House being made wheelchair-accessible?
    Franklin D. Roosevelt's
    He fell ill on 9 August 1921, but there is little consensus on what he actually suffered.

  10. Which churchman launched the Save Ulster from Sodomy anti-homosexual campaign?
    Ian Paisley
    Launched 1977