Pub quiz questions

  1. What were sociable drinkers banned from buying in pubs in September 1916 at the risk of a £100 fine?
    A round
    Politics(6) Drink(6) 1910s(6)
    Equiv to £7,300 in 2012

  2. Name the US president
    Dwight D. Eisenhower
    Politics(5) 1960s(5) 1950s(5)

  3. Which former US Secretary of State's glasses were found in a toilet by Homer Simpson?
    Henry Kissinger's

  4. Name the politician
    Baroness (Sayeeda) Warsi

  5. Politician
    Tony Blair

  6. Name the journalist / politician
    Zac Goldsmith
    Took out an injunction to protect emails

  7. Name the politician
    Boris Johnson

  8. What name did Frederick Gibson Garton give to the brown sauce he'd invented after hearing it was being served in the Palace of Westminster?
    HP Sauce
    Politics(1) Food(1) Names(1)

  9. What organisation kidnapped Terry Waite?
    Islamic Jihad Organization (Jihad for short)
    Kidnapped 1987, released 1991

  10. Which country's President kicked up a fuss when a Spanish version of its national anthem was recorded in 2006?
    It was George W. Bush