Pub quiz questions

  1. Character
    Lampwick (as a human)
    Pinocchio, 1940, voiced by Frankie Darro

  2. What does Peppermint Patty always call Charlie Brown in the Peanuts Cartoon strip?

  3. Character
    Oogie Boofie
    The Nightmare before Chistmas, 1993, voiced by Ken Page

  4. What was the longest running comic in the UK at the start of the 21st century?
    The Dandy

  5. Character
    John Darling
    Peter Pan, 1953, voiced by Paul Collins

  6. Character
    Bambi, 1942, Voiced by Bobby Stewart (baby), Donnie Dunagan (young),. Hardie Albright , (adolescent), John Sutherland (adult)

  7. Which cartoon character has an anchor tattooed on his arm?

  8. Which skinny Dandy character peered through holes in doors?
    Keyhole Kate

  9. Character
    Potty the Parrot
    From Spongebob Squarepants

  10. Character
    Mayor (of Halloween Town)
    The Nightmare before Chistmas, 1993, voiced by Glenn Shadix