Pub quiz questions

  1. Character
    Mrs. Puff

  2. Character
    (Princess) Snow White
    Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, 1937/8, voiced by Adriana Caselotti

  3. Character
    Cinderella, 1950, voiced by June Foray

  4. Character
    (Sheldon James) Plankton

  5. Character
    Tim "Barnacle Boy" Barnacle Cook
    Cartoons(10) 1990s(10) 2000s(10) 2010s(10) Children(10) Spongebob(6)
    Younger version

  6. What kind of creature is Mowgli's enemy Shere Khan in The Jungle Book?
    A tiger

  7. What does Peppermint Patty always call Charlie Brown in the Peanuts Cartoon strip?

  8. Character
    Maleficent (as human)
    Sleeping Beauty, 1953, voiced by Eleanor Audley

  9. Which Dandy comic title character lives in Cactusville?
    Desperate Dan

  10. Who's catchphrase is 'Yabba-Dabba-Doo?'
    Fred Flintstone