Pub quiz questions

  1. What London Football Club was founded as Dial Square in 1886?

  2. Which Queen is depicted with her daughters in a great bronze statue by Westminister Bridge?

  3. On the London underground, which line is coloured black?

  4. Which long-standing rivals do Arsenal face in a North London Derby
    Tottenham Hotspur

  5. Which London tourist attraction's famous fourth plinth became the site for Marc Quinn's sculpture of naked and pregnant Alison Lapper in 2005?
    Trafalgar Square

  6. On the London Underground, what colour is the Piccadilly line?
    Dark blue/navy

  7. Where are the headquarters of the British Secret Intelligence Agency, otherwise known as MI6?
    Vauxhall Cross, London

  8. Which London Tourist Attraction was originally constructed with planning permission for only five years?
    The London Eye
    opened 1999

  9. What great catastrophe is commemorated by The Monument?
    The Great Fire of London

  10. Stadium
    Wembly Stadium, London, UK