Pub quiz questions

  1. Which long-standing rivals do Arsenal face in a North London Derby
    Tottenham Hotspur

  2. Which London Club did David Blunkett allegedly receive free membership to?

  3. London Zoo is in which Park?
    Regent's Park

  4. Started in 1867, and finally consecrated in 1910, which cathedral in London is the mother church of the Catholic community in England and Wales?
    Westminster Cathedral

  5. Which London church is the final resting place of JMW Turner?
    St Paul's Cathedral

  6. Stadium
    Wembly Stadium, London, UK

  7. Bridge
    Tower Bridge, London, UK

  8. On the London Underground, what colour is the Piccadilly line?
    Dark blue/navy

  9. On the London Underground, what colour is the Central line?

  10. Which London tourist attraction's famous fourth plinth became the site for Marc Quinn's sculpture of naked and pregnant Alison Lapper in 2005?
    Trafalgar Square