Pub quiz questions

  1. On the London Underground, what colour is the Bakerloo line?

  2. Bridge
    London Millennium Bridge, London, UK

  3. On the London Underground, what colour is the Jubilee line?

  4. Which Queen is depicted with her daughters in a great bronze statue by Westminister Bridge?

  5. Which London Tourist Attraction was originally constructed with planning permission for only five years?
    The London Eye
    opened 1999

  6. On the London underground, which line is coloured dark purple?

  7. Which London museum has the largest display of dinosaur bones?
    Natural History Museum

  8. What large glass structure was the centrepiece of the 1851 Great Exhibition?
    The Crystal Palace

  9. What began on Sunday 2 September 1666 at the house of Thomas Farynor?
    The Great Fire of London

  10. Which London Park was the venue for the 1851 Great Exhibition?
    Hyde Park