Pub quiz questions

  1. What is the name of York's Viking museum?
    Jorvik Viking Centre

  2. Who founded a hospital at Labarene, Gabon, in 1913?
    Albert Schweitzer

  3. Stadium
    Wembly Stadium, London, UK

  4. What is Smeaton's Tower in Plymouth?
    A lighthouse

  5. What building first appeared on the back of a US $20 bill in 1928?
    The White House

  6. What shape is the White House office constructed in 1901 for US Presidents?

  7. Which sensitive creature complained that the milk float outside the Legoland model of nearby Windsor Castle was delivering to the wrong door?
    Prince Phillip

  8. What does Caerphilly's ancient castle have that people travel all over the way to Pisa to see?
    A leaning tower

  9. Building
    Colosseum, Rome, Italy

  10. Building
    Potala-Palace, Lhasa, Tibet