Pub quiz questions

  1. What does the youth punishment ASBO stand for?
    Anti-social behaviour order

  2. In law, what name is given to the unlawful entrance upon the property of another?

  3. What is the first name of "killer" Fred West's wife?
    1990s(1) 1980s(1) 1970s(1) Crime(1)
    He was never actually convicted, having committed suicide before the trial on 1 Jan 1995. Murders happened 1971-1987.

  4. Which 1996 horror film was partly based on Daniel Harold Rolling, also known as The Gainesville Ripper, a serial killer in 1989/90?

  5. Who was the last woman to be executed in Britain?
    Ruth Ellis
    History(4) 1950s(4) Crime(4)
    13 July 1955

  6. Has a particularly fragrant wife
    Jeffry Archer

  7. What macabre job brought fame to James Berry and Albert Pierrepoint?
    Hangman/Public executioner
    History(2) Crime(2)

  8. What charge were Lady Jane Grey and Catherine Howard beheaded in the Tower of London on?
    Royalty(5) Crime(5)

  9. What building boasts Traitors Gate which was opened to bring prisoners in from the Thames?
    The Tower of London

  10. Which former Special Constable committed the murders that Timothy Evans hung for?
    John Christie
    1950s(6) 1940s(6) Crime(6)
    Murders between 1943-1953, Evans hanged for two in 1949 in 1950, Christie hanged in 1953