Pub quiz questions

  1. What was Syd Dernley Britain's last example of when he died in 1994?
    Hangman/Public executioner
    History(7) 1990s(7) Crime(7)

  2. In law, what name is given to the unlawful entrance upon the property of another?

  3. What does the abbreviation JP stand for in relation to the courts?
    Justice of the Peace

  4. Who did Mehmet Ali Ağca attempt to assassinate in 1981?
    Pope John Paul II
    Religion(4) 1980s(4) Crime(4)

  5. Aug '11, Which of the three people convicted for the death of Peter Connelly/Baby P was released less than halfway through his six-year jail sentence?
    Jason Owen

  6. What was the name of Clyde Barrow's brother who joined Bonnie and Clyde in some of their heists?
    Names(6) Crime(6)

  7. Who was branded the World's most prolific, living serial killer before he killed himself in 2004?
    Harold Shipman
    2000s(3) 1990s(3) Crime(3)
    Convicted 2000 for murders between 1995-1998. Died 2004

  8. Which notorious murderer terrorised London in 1888?
    Jack the Ripper

  9. Which organisation is also known as 'La Cosa Nostra?'
    The Mafia
    Names(4) Crime(3)

  10. What nickname was attached to murderer Peter Sutcliffe?
    The Yorkshire Ripper
    1980s(3) 1970s(3) Crime(3)
    Convicted 1981, murders happened 1975-1980.