Pub quiz questions

  1. Which drug is named after the Greek God of Dreams?
    Morphine (from Morpheus)

  2. What name is given to full-scale replica humans used to test car safety equipment?
    Crash test dummies

  3. Brights disease affected which part of the body?

  4. What is the common name for the main vent at the top of a volcano?

  5. What colour is the lightning flash on a BBC weather map predicting thunder?
    Used to be blue, now yellow/orange

  6. Which joint is the largest in the body?
    Knee Joint

  7. What Adriatic wind shares its name with a make of car?

  8. How many pips (normally) comprise the Greenwich Time Signal?
    5 short and 1 long. Seven (6+1) when there's a leap second inserted.

  9. What colour do alkalis turn Litmus paper?

  10. What is the purpose of E numbers 950-967 which include lactitol, aspartame and sucralose?
    Science(4) Food(4)