Pub quiz questions

  1. Does a raw apricot have equal, more or fewer calories than a fresh one?
    Food(1) Science(1)

  2. What does MW stand for on a radio?
    Medium Wave

  3. What direction will a field full of sunflowers face at the start of each day at sunrise?
    The flowers actually turn back to face east during the night.

  4. What four-letter name is given to the nutrient fluid produces by the mammary glands of female mammals?

  5. What prevents the Earth's atmosphere from drifting into space?

  6. How many wings does a butterfly have?

  7. What name is given to drugs that increase the output of urine by the kidneys?

  8. Which corrosive acid has the chemical formula HCl?
    Hydrochloric Acid

  9. Which vitamin was isolated from fish liver oil in 1917?
    Vitamin D
    Food(7) Science(7) Biology(7)

  10. Which carved stone was the key to the understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphics?
    The Rosetta Stone