Pub quiz questions

  1. What was the surname of hot air balloon pioneers Joseph-Michel and Jacques-√Čtienne?

  2. An EMP bomb. What do the letters E M P stand for?
    Electro Magnetic Pulse

  3. What flowed through aincient Egyptian clepsydra to tell the time?

  4. What word used in connection with radio and television originally came from an agricultural term referring to the scattering of seeds?

  5. Who discovered penicillin?
    Alexander Fleming (1928)

  6. What are the additive primary colours (as opposed to the subtractive primaries)?
    Red, blue, green
    Green is a subtractive secondary, yellow is an additive secondary

  7. What did Stephen Poplawski first add a spinning blade to in 1922?
    Science(5) 1920s(5)

  8. What is the very common trypanophobia a fear of?

  9. Which exhibition made a profit that helped fund the Science, Natural History and Victoria and Albert Museums?
    The Great Exhibition

  10. Which plastic often has its name shortened to PS?