Pub quiz questions

  1. What do the initials GS stand for in netball?
    Goal shooter

  2. What's the five-letter abbreviation for the organisation set up in 1971 to promote real ale?

  3. What does the C in ACAS stand for?

  4. What does the fashion label DKNY stand for?
    Donna Karan New York

  5. What does ROM stand for in CD-ROM?
    Read Only Memory

  6. What does MW stand for on a radio?
    Medium Wave

  7. What does PDA stand for in computer terminology?
    Personal Digital Assistant

  8. In shipping, what does RMS stand for?
    Royal Mail Ship

  9. What do the initials of record label and high-street retailer HMV stand for?
    His Master's Voice

  10. Which plastic often has its name shortened to PS?