Pub quiz questions

  1. Established in 1960 which organisation has the acronym EFTA?
    European Free Trade Association

  2. In economics, what does GDP stand for?
    Gross Domestic Product

  3. What does VE stand for in VE Day?
    Victory in Europe

  4. What does ZIP in ZIP code - the 'postcode' in the US stand for?
    Zone Improvement Plan

  5. In shipping, what does RMS stand for?
    Royal Mail Ship

  6. What do the initials WTA stand for in terms of tennis?
    Women's Tennis Association

  7. What's the five-letter abbreviation for the organisation set up in 1971 to promote real ale?

  8. What is a computer's UPS?
    Uninterruptable Power Supply

  9. What does CAM stand for when referring to medical treatment?
    Complementary and Alternative Medicine

  10. What does the abbreviation JP stand for in relation to the courts?
    Justice of the Peace