Pub quiz questions

  1. What light, but flammable, gas contributed to many deaths in airship disasters?

  2. Which was the only airline other than British Airways to buy Concorde?
    Air France

  3. How many of the engines can a 747 pilot see from his cockpit window?
    None of them

  4. How many engines does a Boeing 747 passenger jet have?

  5. What colour is the recycling symbol?

  6. What were Welsh drivers illegally using as car fuel in 2004?
    Cooking oil

  7. What word used in connection with radio and television originally came from an agricultural term referring to the scattering of seeds?

  8. What was Britain's top selling lower/medium hatchback in 2006?
    Honda Civic

  9. What does an airship have that a balloon doesn't?

  10. What does B stand for when referring to a camera's shutter speed?
    From the old pneumatic bulbs that used to activate the shutter, not flash bulbs