Pub quiz questions

  1. What is the only supersonic airline, other than Concorde, to have seen commercial service?
    Tupolev Tu-144 (NATO name: Charger)
    Passenger service 1977/8 - grounded after 55 scheduled flights

  2. What parts of a Space Shuttle's power system are referred to as SRBs?
    Solid Rocket Boosters

  3. What object's threat to health was the subject of the UK Government's 1999 Stewart Report?
    Mobile phone's

  4. What have Antonio Meucci, Johann Phillip Reis and Alexander Graham Bell all been credited with inventing?

  5. Which was the only airline other than British Airways to buy Concorde?
    Air France

  6. What was the next country to launch a satellite after the Soviet Union and USA?

  7. What word (starting with I) has come to replace photograph in digital photography?

  8. Which English Sci-Fi writer first conceived the idea of artificial communication satellites in 1945?
    Arthur C Clarke

  9. What old type of radio had a cat's whisker?
    Crystal set

  10. What word used in connection with radio and television originally came from an agricultural term referring to the scattering of seeds?