Pub quiz questions

  1. Which was the only airline other than British Airways to buy Concorde?
    Air France

  2. How many arroheads are there on the recycling symbol?

  3. What was William Fox Talbot a pioneer of?

  4. What car stoppers were first patented in Birmingham in the late 19th century?
    Disk brakes

  5. Which English Sci-Fi writer first conceived the idea of artificial communication satellites in 1945?
    Arthur C Clarke

  6. What revolutionary telephone was invented in 1965 by Teri Pall?
    Cordless telephone

  7. What colour is the recycling symbol?

  8. What is the bottom left number on a touchtone telephone?

  9. What is the popular name for what NASA refers to as its Space Transportation System?
    Space Shuttle

  10. What parts of a Space Shuttle's power system are referred to as SRBs?
    Solid Rocket Boosters