Pub quiz questions

  1. The fear of moths is known as what?

  2. Stephen Hillenburg created which cartoon character in the 90s, who is voiced by Tom Kenny?
    Spongebob Squarepants

  3. Doraphobia is the fear of what?
    Fear of fur or skins of animals.

  4. Ancient - something very old
    Exception to the i-before-e rule

  5. Who is the only horse to have won English, Scottish and Welsh grand Nationals?
    Earth Summit
    1998, 1994, and 1997 respectively

  6. Name the US president
    George H. W. Bush (Snr.)
    Politics(5) 1990s(5) 1980s(5)

  7. Which kitchen gadget electrocuted, but not fatally, Rachel Kinski on a 2006 edition of Neighbours?
    A George Foreman Grill

  8. Which two London Boroughs begin with E?
    Ealing, Enfield

  9. Which of the Queen Mother's gay third-cousins was knighted as Master of the Queen's Pictures before it was realized he'd been a spy?
    Anthony Blunt

  10. At which four events did Carl Lewis win gold at the 1984 Olympics?
    100m, 200m, Long jump and 4x100m relay