Pub quiz questions

  1. Character/Show
    Count Duckula, Igor

  2. Who won the women's singles at Wimbledon in 1977?
    Virginia Wade
    Sports(6) Tennis(6) 1970s(6)

  3. What is the name given to the Catholic devotion consisting of prayers said on nine consecutive days
    A Novena

  4. Mr Men
    Mr Bump

  5. Optophobia is the fear of what?
    Fear of opening one's eyes.

  6. Amaxophobia is the fear of what?
    Fear of riding in a car.

  7. Which fellow thespian is the mother of actress Beatie Edney?
    Sylvia Syms

  8. Which Soviet cosmonaut was the first man in space?
    Yuri Gagarin
    Space(2) 1960s(2)
    12 April 1961

  9. How many people can you normally fit in a go-kart?

  10. In which 1957 film does Elvis Presley play "Vince Everett," an ex-convict working in the music industry?
    Jailhouse Rock