Pub quiz questions

  1. What large bird possibly got its reputation for hiding its head in the sand after Pliny the Elder described seeing one with its head in a bush?

  2. What product that takes its name from a farm animal is a step along the way from iron ore to cast iron?
    Pig iron

  3. Which public school did the future 1st Duke of Wellington fail to excel at?

  4. Who was known as The Sailor King?
    King William IV
    As Duke of Clarence, enjoyed a reasonably successful career in the Navy

  5. Who's jubilee tribute to the Queen included the words "We're the flowers in the dustbin. We're the poison in your human machine?
    The Sex Pistols (God Save the Queen)

  6. Which month sees the running of the Epsom Derby?

  7. What was ABBA's first single, winning them the 1974 eurovision song contest?

  8. What organisation replaced the League of Nations?
    The United Nations
    Founded 1945

  9. How long is a 10-pin bowling alley?
    60 feet (just over 18m)

  10. What now-common fairground ride was first erected at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair with an axle that was at the time the world's largest piece of forged steel?
    Ferris Wheel/Big Wheel
    The original was also known as the Chicago Wheel