Pub quiz questions

  1. Which British boxer trained with people like rock star Sting before being knocked out by Mike Tyson?
    Frank Bruno
    Music(5) Sports(5) Boxing(5)

  2. Which inlet of the Atlantic divides New Brunswick from Nova Scotia?
    Bay of Fundy

  3. What connects White(4), Ebdon, Bond, Williams?
    Defeated by Stephen Hendry in world snooker finals

  4. For which film did Elizabeth Taylor win the Best Actress Award in 1966?
    Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf?

  5. Mechanophobia is the fear of what?
    Fear of machines.

  6. What connects The Lost Weekend, Under the Volcano, Leaving Las Vegas, When A Man Loves A Woman?
    Films with an alcoholism theme

  7. What sport featured in the long running BBC TV show Pot Black?

  8. Who scored England's last-minute goal against Belgium in the 1990 World Cup Finals?
    David Platt

  9. Name the country

  10. In which sport is a goal worth six points and a 'behind' one?
    Australian rules football