Pub quiz questions

  1. What element has the atomic number 26 and the chemical symbol Fe?

  2. What is the name of Dr. Evil's cat in the Austin Power's movies?
    Mr Bigglesworth

  3. If an American Footballer refers to his "zippers," what would he be talking about?
    His scars

  4. How many balls are used in a normal game of pool?
    Including the cue ball

  5. Which chemical element has the symbol Zr?

  6. Who was crowned, when he was about 10, Edward VI in Dublin in 1487?
    Lambert Simnel

  7. Name the US president
    George W. Bush (Jnr.)

  8. Who ruled England between February 839 – 856
    Æthelwulf (Æþelwulf)

  9. Which eastern island city-state has a name meaning Lion Town?

  10. Which Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale figure sits by the waterside in Copenhagen?
    The Little Mermaid